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Ink Trading Cards

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On Wednesday (7/20/22), I finished my new ink notebook and shared a video on Instagram and Goulet Pen Co’s Facebook group, Goulet Nation. The Gouletians — I think that’s what they’ve decided we’re calling ourselves — were over the moon and had so many questions and comments, I decided to write up a quick blog post.

First of all, as I mentioned in my last ink catalog post, this format — I’m going to call it ink trading cards — isn’t my idea. Most pen stores use it at pen shows. I really enjoyed the versatility of ink trading cards — you can rearrange the swatches to add and remove colors as you buy new bottles or get rid of old ones.

Pen Porn: Enameled Sakura

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Disclaimer: I take no responsibility for pen envy or impulse purchases resulting from viewing this post.

Per usual, you can click on the images to view them larger. I do my best to provide you with the best pen porn. 😉

Per usual with these posts, click on an image to view it larger.

Three weeks ago, Brian Weaver of Iron Feather Creative posted two videos on Instagram. They featured an absolutely glorious carved pen with a sakura theme. Brian had added carving and cold enamel to a pen he’d posted a few weeks earlier.

I think I messaged him within 15 minutes of posting. This beauty is my fourth Iron Feather Creative pen, and I highly doubt it will be my last.

full sakura pen

Purchasing Habits Update

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So… remember earlier this year when I said, “I want to keep my pen purchases this year to 24 or less?” Well, that didn’t go so well. Here we are, only half way through the year, and I’ve already exceeded that limit by two.

I even tried to finagle the numbers in my favor. Rather than all pens, I first narrowed it down to purchased pens. Because, really, gifts don’t count. They aren’t purchases. And then I narrowed it down further to fountain pens. That cut out 7 pens, including the new Retro 51 Smithsonian Panda that just arrived today.

Pen Porn: Crystallized Rainbow

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Disclaimer: I take no responsibility for pen envy or impulse purchases resulting from viewing this post.

Per usual, you can click on the images to view them larger. I do my best to provide you with the best pen porn. 😉

This will be a unique pen porn post. This material is nearly impossible to capture, but I’ve done my best. However, because capturing its full beauty proved illusive, I don’t have too many photos.

Opal pen

Additional Indie Makers

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NOTE: These are new indie makers I’ve learned about since posting my Indie Pen Makers Update. All of these makers will be added to that main post, but I want to feature them, since the previous makers got their “turn.”

For the purposes of these posts, I’m putting the following limitations on the term “Indie Maker”:

  • Only or regularly works with customers to make unique/custom pens
  • Fully handmade, uses CNC lathes with hand finishing, or 3D prints custom pen designs
  • Creates kitless pens
  • Not sold in stores (or only sold in local brick & mortar store)
  • Makes one-off or short runs

Even with the addition of these new makers, that list will not be comprehensive, that’s virtually impossible. However, if you know of a maker who meets the qualifications above and is not included, please let me know. Also, if you know the location of a maker that doesn’t have one listed, let me know that, too.

Keep in mind, I have not purchased a pen from these makers, so consider this an informational list, not an endorsement.

TWSBI, I’m Still Disappointed

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NOTE: This is an unexpected post based on current events. Rather than postpone my scheduled post to next week, it will be up at noon today. Enjoy a double-post day!

Well, after nearly two months, there is an update to TWSBIgate.

A DC Pen Crew member shared a link to Narwhal’s most recent newsletter, sent out on 6/23/2022, which contained a joint statement from TWSBI and Narwhal. I’m not sharing the link, as I don’t know if it’s actually meant for public dissemination. However, I’m including the images and a transcription below.

Update 6/24/2022 at 7:30am: It appears TWSBI did, indeed, send out an email, specifically to retailers. I say appears as the “evidence” is an image from Reddit, which I’m including below as well, rather than a link to the email sent out, as was provided for Narwhal.

Vintage Sheaffer Research

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I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while, as it was one of the posts you all voted on. But, better late than never, right?

It’s a little difficult to re-research a pen after I’ve identified it, mainly because I want to just type in what it is. But, I managed it. Today I’ll be walking you through the way I research pens, in this case, my vintage Sheaffer.


Comparing Common Nib Grinds

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I’ve been on a major custom-ground nib kick for the past year or so. At the DC Pen Show, I picked up two cursive italic nibs from All in the Nib. Since then, I’ve picked up four more custom-ground nibs. In that intervening time, I’ve also had multiple discussions with people about nib grinds and the differences between them.

Those conversations taught me that many people aren’t aware of the differences in the way each grind writes. So, I decided to compare the different “common” nib grinds I have.

Big Dropper Skull Review

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When Ben introduced his polycarbonate, laser-engraved pens, I knew I had to have one. While I adore the appearance of my metal Gravitas pen, there is just enough of the metal-on-metal scraping sound that, over time, I’ve decided to let it go. Now that I have the polycarbonate pen, I don’t feel as bad about that decision.

For the time being, the polycarbonate pens are only available in the “Member’s Area” — available to those who have already purchased from Gravitas Pens. Hopefully they will be available to everyone at some point in the future.

Pens I’ve Gotten Rid Of

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I don’t remember where the idea for this post originally came from. I may have read something somewhere, it may have just popped into my head one day. I don’t know.

Regardless, in the way I discussed 10 pens in my Would I Buy Them Again Today? post, I chose 10 pens I’ve gotten rid of to discuss why they are no longer in my collection. I’m sure some of my answers will be expected, while others will likely be surprising to some. I hope you enjoy, and that my reasoning may help those who are trying to sell some of their own pens.

Pen Porn: Benu Talisman Shooting Star

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Disclaimer: I take no responsibility for pen envy or impulse purchases resulting from viewing this post.

Per usual, you can click on the images to view them larger. I do my best to provide you with the best pen porn. 😉

I first discovered the Shooting Star through an Instagram Post from Luxury Brands of America. While I’m supposed to be on a fountain pen low buy, I just had to get one. I’m planning to collect the Talisman series pens that have shaped confetti — like the Wild Rose — since I’m no longer buying TWSBI pens.

I honestly can’t say what I like best about the Shooting Star. To start, it has meteorite dust in the material. While I can’t “show” you that, it’s pretty cool.

Benu Shooting Star

Would I Buy Them Again Today?

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This post is inspired by Angelica Nyqvist‘s video But, Would I Buy Them If They Were Released Today?! In that video, they credit Dolly Mama Beauty with coming up with the idea.

The idea behind this post is pretty straightforward: if the below pens were first announced/released today, would I buy them? So, this is different than the more typical, “if my collection disappeared” or, “if this pen got lost” that usually prefaces the “would I buy it again” question. Suspend disbelief for the duration of this post. Imagine that none of the below pens have ever existed in this world before today. And I’ll tell you if I would buy them.

Goodbye TWSBI

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I made a post on Instagram last week about the current TWSBI situation. There hasn’t been — that I’ve seen — an update from TWSBI. So, I’m writing this under the impression that, as of yesterday, TWBSI “…will no longer conduct business with any business affiliates/partners who offer these copy products for sale…” Any future updates will be available on the #twsbigate tag page.

This Situation…

I’m not going to go into major detail here. If you want that, you can listen to The Pentertainment Podcast (TPP) episode 114, Tokyo Inklings (TI) episode 53 (starting around 31:00), and The Pen Addict (TPA) episode 505 (starting around 38:00). When referencing information specific to one of the podcasts, I’ll credit it using the initials in parentheses.

I’m also not going to spend much time on how this whole situation affects retailers, as I think all three podcasts have done that far better than I could. Instead, I’d like to share my thoughts as a TWSBI enthusiast.

My Pen Collection Part 4

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“Always Inked” Pens

Alright, we’ve made it to the fourth, and final, part in this series, my “always inked” pens! Hold onto your hats, because the really expensive pens are in this grouping. Just keep in mind that I purchased several at steep discounts and received some in exchange for work.

Once again, please use the form at the end of this post to vote for pens you want to see “pen porn” posts about.

I store this group differently than the rest of my pens. These have a display case away from direct light. That way, I can see them when they aren’t in use, and there’s no worry of damage.

Pen Porn: Mr. Cypress Modern Raden Colorful Geometry

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There isn’t a long backstory to this one, so pretty much this whole post will be pen porn.

I fell in love with this pen when I saw it on Instagram. It looks so… posh. When Jim suggested I get it as an anniversary present, I jumped on it. This pen looks like a wedding/anniversary pen.

full view of the modern raden pen

My Pen Collection Part 3

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Indie Pens

I’m back with Part 3! I meant to include my “always inked” pens in this post, but it’s already so long, I don’t want to make it longer. So, I guess there will be a part 4.

As with my other pens, I keep my indie pens in rainbow order. The exceptions being my two urushi pens and my Permies.World pens. Those three live in the pen display box, as I don’t want to run the risk of ruining them with the elastic bands.

all of my indie pens

Once again, please use the form at the end of this post to vote for pens you want to see “pen porn” posts about.

Pen Porn: Stanford Wood Studio African Miyuki Magic

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If you missed my review of Stanford Wood Studios (SWS) and their commission process, I suggest you go read it, as it provides the backstory to the African Miyuki Magic. But if you’re only here for the pen porn, then I hope this satisfies your voyeuristic desires. Click on an image to view it larger. Enjoy!

African Miyuki Magic

A Stanford Wood Studio Commission

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When I failed to check Stanford Wood Studio (SWS) off my 2021 wish list, I vowed to ensure I ordered from them in 2022. To that end, as I mentioned in my 2022 wish list post, I reserved a commission right at the beginning of January. But, before I dive into that, allow me to say that SWS was fabulous to work with. I believe I mostly, if not only, communicated with Di — she’s lovely. I appreciated the updates on my commission and her suggestions for making it better. And, once my pens arrived, I could — and can — see what fantastic work they — Di and Dave — do.

Flexible Nib Factory ZT5E Review

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DISCLAIMER UPDATE (6/24/22): TWSBI and Narwhal have released a joint statement which I cover in my most recent TWSBIgate post. While not completely satisfied with TWSBI’s response to the situation, I no longer feel the need to dissuade people from purchasing their products.

DISCLAIMER (5/1/22): Since writing this post, TWSBI has been involved in some unsavory actions, and I am currently boycotting them. For more information, refer to the #twsbigate tag page.

In late February, I saw a post on Goulet Nation where someone was showing off a new nib. But this wasn’t any old nib, it was the Flexible Nib Factory ZT5E. Or, in English, a custom feed and housing to allow the use of a Zebra G dip nib in a TWSBI 580 series pen. Since Zebra G nibs are what first sparked my love of flex nibs, I immediately purchased a ZT5E.

Before I dive into the actual review, I want to make it clear that as far as manufacturing and production, I think the ZT5E is top-notch. My critique should be read with the awareness that this is a dip nib housed in a fountain pen. Flexible Nib Factory has provided a way to fit a square peg in a round hole, basically.