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Since Instagram doesn’t allow hyperlinks in the descriptions, I created this page to help you find the blog posts, giveaways, etc. I share on my feed. Just scroll down until you find the right image, then click on it. It’s that simple. πŸ™‚

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This page contains posts from 2021.

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4/9/21: Indie Pen Makers Update

Instagram 4-9-21

4/1/21: Ritz: Shy Guy to World Class Thief

Instagram 4-1-21

3/30/21: Dante: Feral Kitten to “Evil Genius”

Instagram 3/30/21

3/26/21: DΓ­a de Muertos, Making of the Pen

Instagram 3/26/21

3/17/21: Teleworking, 1 Year Later

Instagram 3/17/21

3/12/21: Unpopular Fountain Pen Opinions

Instagram 3/12/21

3/9/21: Keeping to My Goal

Instagram 3/9/21

3/2/21: Replaying an Old Favorite

Instagram 3/2/21

2/26/21: Another β€œStep Up” Pen

Instagram 2/26/21

2/23/21: DΓ­a de Muertos, But Make it Pen

Instagram 2/23/21

2/18/21: I Learned to Drive Stick Shift

Instagram 2/18/21

2/16/21: My Thoughts on Soul

Instagram 2/16/21

2/12/21: Pen Opinions Change

Instagram 2/12/2021

1/19/2021: AC Valhalla Updates

Instagram 1-19-21

1/14/21: My 2020 Top Pens

Instagram 1-14-21

1/11/21: 2020’s Silver Linings

Instagram 1/11/21

1/7/21: A Dark Day in American History

Instagram 1-7-21

1/4/21: Year in Review: 2020 Pens

Instagram 1/4/21