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OK, second month of New Releases Round Up. If you don’t know the history, I really enjoy new makeup releases posts and videos, so I’m doing the same thing for pens. I plan to try this for the rest of this year. Depending on how I like the posts, and their reception, I may keep going after that.

There are, of course, way too many releases per month to realistically share. So this is not a round up of every release. Instead, this will be a round up of new releases from major brands that really caught my eye, or that I have strong feelings about. Click on a brand name to jump down to that section.

Aurora | Benu | Esterbrook | Leonardo Officina Italiana | Montegrappa | Narwhal | Opus 88 | Retro 51 | Sailor | Tibaldi | TWSBI | Visconti


Trilobiti Cobalto

Aurora Trilobiti Cobalto

I loved the look of the first Trilobiti, and this one is beautiful as well. I don’t think I’ll get it, because 1) I don’t love the Aurora nibs and 2) I didn’t like the “coated” nib on the Talentum, so I don’t intend to get another one.


Briolette Luminous Mauve

Benu Briolette Luminous Mauve

I really like the luminous series. They’re cool, and fairly unique. I’ve been eyeing one for a while, and I’m not entirely sure why I haven’t gotten one yet. This purple and gold is a great color combination.


British Tan Pen Nook

Esterbrook Nook British Tan

It’s nice to see Esterbrook bring back the British Tan color in the new Nook style. I just wish that the interior material were prettier.

Estie Pink Sands

Estie Pink Sands

This was an interesting release at only 50 pieces. I can’t help but wonder if they were another factory mistake, like the Blueberry. I avoid colored nibs like the plague, though, after my experience with one. Esterbrook is mistaken about the “world’s first completely pink nib,” though. Hinze Pen Co. had this one in April, this one in January, and I remember pink nibs back at the 2019 DC Pen Show. Perhaps Esterbrook should have said, “first nib in this particular color.”

Estie Sunflower

Estie Sunflower

I really want to get this one. It’s so bright and cheerful. But I’m supposed to be on pen restriction. Gah!

Estie Scarlett

Estie Scarlett

I was really interested when I saw some promo pics from penfluencers, but seeing it in person — without the Gone with the Wind imagery — it just wasn’t the same. I was definitely getting influenced by the Gone with the Wind reference.

JR Pumpkin Latte

JR Pumpkin Latte

I’m confused by the name for this one. It’s not orange, not even orange tinted. I understand that a PSL isn’t orange either, but I don’t know that adding an orange finial really counts for “Pumpkin Spice.” Also, the color seems a bit too yellow to even count as a standard latte. I know, I’m being really nitpicky here, I’m sorry. It’s not like it isn’t a pretty pen, it is. And if you like it, grab one and enjoy.

Leonardo Officina Italiana

Art Dèco 2021

Art Deco 2021

If I wasn’t on a pen restriction, I would probably get one of these. The raised pattern is so pretty. I wish I’d gotten one of the first set. And this version is gorgeous as well. But, I wouldn’t give up my ARTUS pens in favor of this, so no real regrets.


Age of Discovery

Age of Discovery

Another crazy pen from Montegrappa. This isn’t my type of pen, but kudos to Montegrappa for the spyglass design, built in compass, and compass-style box. Definitely a great design.


365 Anniversary Pens

365 Anniversary

I’m sorry, Narwhal, but these are on here because I really want to take a moment to say congratulations to Jonathon Brooks for all of his major brand collaborations recently. That’s got to feel good, seeing so many different pens made from his materials.

Opus 88

Demo 2021

Opus88 Demo 2021

According to Google Translate, the text states this is an unlimited special edition available now. But, I haven’t seen it anywhere, so I’m guessing it’s mistaken. The yellow and gray is a great combo, IMO. Depending on price and availability, I may get this.

Retro 51

O Holy Night

Retro 51 O Holy Night

After the beautiful 2019 and 2020 Fahrney’s Christmas pens, this one feels rather disappointing. I kind of wish that Fahrney’s would do a Christmas pen that isn’t religious. They’ve had some seriously beautiful designs recently.

RBG Supreme Court Cases Pen

Retro 51 RBG

It’s cool to see something like this. I feel like this would be an amazing gift for a judge, lawyer, or girls who need a role model.


Tea Time

Sailor Tea Time FIKA

The blue Tea Time pen got me for a moment. I was interested. But, then, my more rational side kicked in and reminded me I already have way too many Sailor pens. I certainly don’t need another of the exact same model.



Tibaldi Bononia

The pens are so-so. I wouldn’t be able to use them with the threads right at the nib end of the grip. But that nib is beautiful!!


ECO Jade

TWSBI Eco Jade

I don’t like the TWSBI Eco. BUT, I’d love to see a 580 in the same color, because it’s gorgeous!!


Homo Sapiens Dual Touch

Visconti Dual Touch

These. Oh man, these get me. I don’t know if I love the tan or green leather version best. If they’re still available when I’m released from pen restriction, I’m going to buy one.

Do you agree with my thoughts? Are you planning to pick up any of these releases? Which other pens caught your eye this month? Let me know in the comments.

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2 thoughts

  1. That Sailor looks like fun, and I don’t have any higher end Sailors. The Sailor Compass I have is too fine a nib for me. I’d like to try a medium from Sailor.
    I try not to look at the TWSBI colors because my completionist instincts are strong. I have a few ECOs now so I have to resist. I do love my TWSBI 580 in Prussian Blue.

    1. If you’re a completionist, you might want to look for a different Sailor. Based on the wording I’ve seen, I think this may be the start of a new series since the US cocktail series is supposed to be complete.

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