Review – Mrs. Perivale and the Blue Fire Crystal

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Mrs. Perivale and the Blue Fire Crystal

by Dash Hoffman

Mrs. Perivale and the Blue Fire Crystal

Series: Mrs. Perivale
Genres: Fantasy
Release Date: March 1, 2017
Pages: 335
Purchase from: Amazon
My Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆

“People your age belong at home.” 73 year old Mrs. Perivale is told when she tries to volunteer. With her son grown and gone, and her community turning their backs on her, the gravity of no longer being needed sinks her spirits deeply. She wonders if she has outlived her usefulness until a mystical little creature sneaks into Alice Perivale’s home and begs her to come with him; there is a prophecy about her, and she must help save his world!

Finding herself in a magical place she had no idea existed, committed to a dangerous mission far more vital than helping out in her neighborhood, Alice dusts off her courage and bravery, rediscovering the feisty, sassy, powerhouse woman she is deep inside. She is determined to find the stolen Blue Fire Crystal before the imbalance between elements destroys all of the magical land of Corevé. Together with her extraordinary family of six cats and her skeptical-yet-devoted butler Henderson, she takes on the tremendous challenge.

With time running out and the world falling to pieces, Alice’s precious companions are pulled away from her, and she is faced with impossible choices. Does she choose what she wants most of all, does she rescue her family, or does she save the world that will not survive without her?


I desperately wanted to enjoy Mrs. Perivale and the Blue Fire Crystal (MPBFC). Like many, I saw the semi-viral post about “more emotionally stable” heroes. It thrilled me to see someone had actually written that story.

Original post content.  @nightskybooks: It's amazing how many prophecies involve teens. You'd think they'd pick more emotionally stable people, with more free time. Like grandmas.

@dinuriel: ...I would read the hell out of a series of a chosen eighty-five-year-old woman who goes on epic journeys throughout a dangerous and magical land, armed only with a cane and her stab-tastic knitting needles, accompanied by her six cats and a skittish-yet-devoted orderly who makes sure she takes her pills on time.

Unfortunately, MPBFC should have been titled Mrs. Perivale and the Interminable Story. I kept trying to get through it, and have been reading it for what feels like endless hours, but only managed to get through 37% of the book.

I honestly don’t know if it’s one or more problems with the author’s writing style or my own preferences that make this story seem endless. Somehow, nothing is particularly interesting or impactful. Not journeying to a new world, not a “flight” through star-studded skies that moments before were a lake filled with bioluminescent creatures, not a narrow escape from drowning and a fall over a waterfall, not even one of their party getting carried away by birds.

The lack of emotional involvement makes everything drag. I’ve been trying to get through it for 2 weeks now, but I’m giving up. It’s going in the did not finish “pile,” with an automatic 0 stars.

About the Author

Dash Hoffman is best known for taking a viral Tumblr meme and turning it into the beloved line of Mrs. Perivale books, much to the delight of many readers. Dash travels the world full time when there isn’t a pandemic, drawing inspiration from almost everything.

In Dash’s pages, you’ll find bits and pieces of or inspiration from New Zealand, Salvador Dali, M.C. Escher, Tim Burton, Neverland, San Francisco, specific models from the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum, Astronomy (which Dash used to teach), Aesop, Grimms Bros, Wonderland, Narnia, the wizard boy who lived, Bram Stoker, Mary Poppins, the Three Musketeers, Queen Elizabeth II, Tolkien, Neil Gaiman (who conferred with Dash during a visit on one of those books published under another name…), every ocean Dash has been to and some not yet visited, Owl City, Sleeping At Last, Poet’s Corner in Westminster Abbey, a random lady in Auckland airport, a sweater left on a rope at the beach in the Coromandel, the Pacific Northwest mountains and sea, no end of Internet pictures, some lucid dreams, old gothic cathedrals, no end of artwork, and a cat park where Dash has helped to raise a few litters of baby tigers amongst 55-60 other cats of every size. This list could go on, but the tea is getting cold, and you get the idea.

Dash Hoffman is an internationally best selling author who has written and published more than 170 novels in a six and a half year period under various pseudonyms. It typically takes Dash about 7-10 days to write a 60,000-80,000 word novel (when not rushed), which is how so many books came to be written in such a short time. Dash’s best known books are the Mrs. Perivale series; book one of which has been sitting at a #1 spot in a few genres on Amazon for several weeks straight in the US, and hovering in the topmost echelons of Amazon best seller lists the world over for several months.

Dash usually has a smile, always has several new ideas, and continues a considerable tea habit, punctuated by a truly deep love of dark chocolate. Save the elephants.

Author links: Goodreads | Amazon Author Page

Disclaimer: This review is based on an eBook I borrowed from Amazon on April 14, 2021 as part of the Kindle Unlimited program.

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