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Year in Review – 2022 Pens

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While it was difficult to do last year, ranking my pen purchases was a useful exercise. So, I decided to do it again. I have to say, I’m embarrassed by the long list of pens I purchased this year. I was hoping to buy less pens this year, not more. But I’ll discuss that in another post.

I realize that this is a long block of text. But, if I added a photo of each pen, it would take absolutely forever to get through. So, for pens that I’ve already discussed in a dedicated post, I’ve linked to that post (and the photos contained therein). For the rest, where possible, I linked to an Instagram photo from the pen maker or store they collaborated with. When that wasn’t possible, I linked to a good photo on Instagram (consider following those fine folks) or one of my own Instagram posts.

Pen Porn: Stars on Sapphire Lakes

Posted in Fountain Pens

Disclaimer: I take no responsibility for pen envy or impulse purchases resulting from viewing this post.

Per usual, you can click on the images to view them larger. I do my best to provide you with the best pen porn. 😉

If you’ve been here a while, you know I’m not a fan of the Franklin-Christoph models that have threads at the nib end of the section — like this Model 46. But, look at how pretty the Stars on Sapphire Lakes is! It’s well worth it, in my opinion, to try to get used to a different grip to be able to use this pen comfortably. Plus, it’s great supporting my pen friend, Azizah, of Gourmet Pens.

Stars on Sapphire Lakes

Side note, they’re sold out right now, but more will be coming in the future. Keep an eye on Gourmet Pens Shop.