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The True Value of Indie Pens

Posted in Fountain Pens

Jim and I have given a seminar we call “The True Value of Indie Pens” at our last two pen shows — Baltimore and DC. Both sessions were well received, and we’ve been asked if the information was available anywhere for reference. At the DC show, I promised I’d create a blog post, so that’s what I’m doing — perhaps a bit late. If you’re interested int eh actual presentation, I’ve made it available on Google Drive. Be aware, I removed the examples, as I didn’t ask permission to make that information available in such a way.


So, where did the class originate? Jim and I heard one to many conversations along the lines of, “For that price I can get [insert mainstream brand name here],” or “I don’t think it’s worth it,” with regards to indie pens. We want to help spread awareness of how special indie-made pens are, just how much you’re actually getting for the price.