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My 10 Most-Used Inks

Posted in Fountain Pens

The other day, I was going through my inks, and I couldn’t help but wonder what inks I use most. So, me being me, I dug into my data, and pulled out my 10 most-used inks. To figure out which they were, I looked for which inks have been used in my last four notebooks (since I started tracking inks). Only 6 inks were used in all 4 notebooks. The remaining 4 were inks that I used for both regular rotation in 3 notebooks and had in always inked pens.

Honestly, I was rather surprised by the results, as these aren’t my favorite inks. At least, not the inks I think of when asked about favorites. Maybe I’ll cover those in another post.

Note: This list is in alphabetical order. I scanned my personal ink swabs from my ink notebook. I’ve done my best to make the inks look true-to-life, but I can’t account for everyone’s screen settings, only mine.

An Underrated Ink

Posted in Fountain Pens

Several years ago, as part of my Fountain Pen 101 Series, I wrote about inks. In that post, I mentioned how some “inks are considered “tried and true” in that they work well with virtually all pens and flow well.”I cited Diamine and Pilot Iroshizuku as two “tried and true” inks. I’ve since learned that Waterman inks have a similar reputation. However, in my own experience, I’ve discovered another ink brand that should have been on on that list: J(acques) Herbin.