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StyloSuite XXXF X Wing Harpoon Nib

Posted in Fountain Pens

Those of you who have been following my blog for a while know that I adore my StyloSuite nibs. In fact, I named the Spencerian nib my 2022 favorite nib and my all-time favorite.

A little bit ago, I got a new nib from Les at StyloSuite, a XXXF X-Wing Harpoon. I don’t know all of the differences between this nib and the previous X-Wing Harpoons, and I don’t want to ask Les to reveal his secret. I’m assuming it’s at least been narrowed further.

XXXF X Wing Harpon

I don’t consider this post a review; it’s a comparison.

Comparing Common Nib Grinds

Posted in Fountain Pens

I’ve been on a major custom-ground nib kick for the past year or so. At the DC Pen Show, I picked up two cursive italic nibs from All in the Nib. Since then, I’ve picked up four more custom-ground nibs. In that intervening time, I’ve also had multiple discussions with people about nib grinds and the differences between them.

Those conversations taught me that many people aren’t aware of the differences in the way each grind writes. So, I decided to compare the different “common” nib grinds I have.