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My 2023 Top Tens

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Once again, I’m sharing my current top pens. Last year’s approach to my top tens worked well, making me actually stick to lists of 10. I swear, this post gets harder every year. The nibs aren’t too hard, but the pens! It takes me more and more time to narrow down to ten, and then actually figure out the order.

Since I’m keeping to the same format as last year, I’ll compare my lists

But without further preamble, enjoy my top tens of 2023.

Year in Review – 2022 Pens

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While it was difficult to do last year, ranking my pen purchases was a useful exercise. So, I decided to do it again. I have to say, I’m embarrassed by the long list of pens I purchased this year. I was hoping to buy less pens this year, not more. But I’ll discuss that in another post.

I realize that this is a long block of text. But, if I added a photo of each pen, it would take absolutely forever to get through. So, for pens that I’ve already discussed in a dedicated post, I’ve linked to that post (and the photos contained therein). For the rest, where possible, I linked to an Instagram photo from the pen maker or store they collaborated with. When that wasn’t possible, I linked to a good photo on Instagram (consider following those fine folks) or one of my own Instagram posts.

My Pen Collection Part 3

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Indie Pens

I’m back with Part 3! I meant to include my “always inked” pens in this post, but it’s already so long, I don’t want to make it longer. So, I guess there will be a part 4.

As with my other pens, I keep my indie pens in rainbow order. The exceptions being my two urushi pens and my Permies.World pens. Those three live in the pen display box, as I don’t want to run the risk of ruining them with the elastic bands.

all of my indie pens

Once again, please use the form at the end of this post to vote for pens you want to see “pen porn” posts about.

Pen Porn: English Garden

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I have to start this post with an apology to you, the reader. I’m sorry you can’t buy one of these pens, but I feel like this amazing masterpiece deserves its own post. on Instagram held a one-time drawing in support of Ukrainian relief efforts. 7 lucky people were given the opportunity to add one of her hand-painted masterpieces to their pen collection for the simple price of donating to a verifiable charity helping Ukrainian adults, children, or pets. You can see the full post on her Instagram account.

I also want to say, don’t pester her to sell pens. I doubt any of you would be so rude, but I’d like to make my opinions clear. She has every right to choose to make pens for the fun of it and not sell them.