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Stationery Resources

I’ve seen multiple other bloggers share fountain pen resources, and I’ve decided to do something similar. I’ve always found it useful when there is a repository of good information somewhere.

To that end, I’ve created this page with links to sources I’ve found useful in the past, that I read sporadically, or that I currently subscribe to.

I’ve organized the links in each category by alphabetical order, although I have given preference to my own links and put them at the top of each grouping.

If you have a favorite stationery resource that isn’t listed below, send it it to me.

Last Updated: June 4, 2024

INDEX: Fountain Pens | Nibs | Ink | Non-Fountain Pens | Paper | Blogs

Cross-Category Resources

Fountain Pen Series

Cult Pens :: Pencyclopedia

Fountain Pen Companion

Fountain Pen Design

Goulet Pens :: Beginner’s Guide

Goulet Pens :: Special Edition History

Goulet Pens :: Tips and Tricks

JetPens :: Guides

JetPens :: Stationery 101

Stationery Wiki

Richard’s Pens :: Reference Pages

Fountain Pens

Fountain Pen Post Archive

Anderson Pens :: Sheaffer Snorkel Pen Repair

Goldspot Pens :: Fountain Pen University

Goulet Pens :: Anatomy of a Fountain Pen

Goulet Pens :: Fountain Pen 101

Goulet Pen :: Fountain Pen Terminology (Glossary)

Goulet Pens :: Pen Plaza

JetPens :: Fountain Pen Beginners’ Guides

JetPens :: Pen Maintenance

Pen Chalet :: Fountain Pen How To

Stationery Wiki :: Pen Turning

Vintage Pen :: How to Start Writing with Flexible Nibs

Vintage Pen :: Grading Flexible Nibs

Vintage Pen Info

Crónicas Estilográficas :: Datation of Japanese Pens

Pelikan Collectibles

Pen Hero :: Pen Bookmarks

Peyton Street Pens :: Pen Resources

Pen Collectors of America :: Reference Library

Pilot :: Custom History

Pilot :: Old advertisement gallery


Nib Post Archive

All in the Nib :: The Grinds

Anderson Pens :: Nib Tool

Goulet Pens :: Nib Nook

JetPens :: Guide to Fountain Pen Nibs

Nib Grinder :: The Grinds

Pen Chalet :: Nib Tipping Sizes


Ink Post Archive

JetPens :: Fountain Pen Inks

Mountain of Ink

Swab Comparisons

NOTE: I’m providing these links because they are resources, but not all of them provide information about how/if they color adjust for true-to-life accuracy. Also, some colors are notoriously difficult to photograph (like reds) so it’s usually better to compare colors in a single photo.

Anderson Pens :: Ink Tool

Goulet Pens :: Swab Shop

Ink Swatch

Non-Fountain Pens

Non-Fountain Pen Post Archive

Goldspot Pens :: Fine Pen Academy

JetPens :: Ballpoint Pens

JetPens :: Brush Pens

JetPens :: Calligraphy Pens

JetPens :: Gel Pens

JetPens :: Highlighters

JetPens :: Markers and Felt Tip Pens

JetPens :: Multi Pens

JetPens :: Rollerball Pens

The Well-Appointed Desk :: The Epic Refill Reference Guide: Rollerball, Gel and Ballpoints


Paper Post Archive

Digital Downloads Collaboration :: 趣味の文具箱 (Hobby Stationery Box Magazine)

Discount Mags :: システム手帳STYLE (System Techo Style Magazine)

Goldspot Pens :: Notebook Sizes Compared and Explained

Inkcredible Colours :: A comparison of Muji paper types

JetPens :: Kokuyo Jibun Techo

JetPens :: Notebooks

JetPens :: Paper

JetPens :: Planners

The Gentleman Stationer :: Best Paper

The Gentleman Stationer :: Where do I start with paper for notebook systems?

The Poor Penman :: What am I talking about when I talk about paper?

The Well-Appointed Desk :: A Beginner’s Dive into Ring-Bound Planners

The Well-Appointed Desk :: A Deep Dive into All-In-One Planners

The Well-Appointed Desk :: A Deep Dive into Discbound Planners

The Well-Appointed Desk :: A Deep Dive into Elastic Planner Systems

The Well-Appointed Desk :: Our FREE Downloadable Guide Sheets



All About Planners

Alt. Haven

Chronicles of a Fountain Pen

Crónicas Estilográficas

Dime Novel Raven

Fountain Pen Pharmacist

The Gentleman Stationer

Inkcredible Colours


Inky Imaginings


Peacock Pens

The Pen Addict



Too Many Pens

The Well-Appointed Desk

Store Blogs

Anderson Pens

Bertram’s Inkwell

Goldspot Pens

Goulet Pens


Pen Chalet

Smruti Pens

Vanness Pens