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25 Days of Dupes 2022 – Week 3

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Hello, welcome to the third post of 25 Days of Dupes 2022. Below you’ll find the inks for days 12-18. If you have a suggestion for a possible dupe, let me know in the comments, and I’ll add it to the wrap up post.

Some reminders:

  • The first image for each ink shows the inkvent ink and what I feel is the best match, swatched on Tomoe River paper.
  • The second image for each ink shows the inkvent ink and the different inks I tried matching it to, swatched on Iroful paper.
  • I swatched ink with a small paintbrush, and wrote with a Zebra G dip nib in the first image.
  • I can’t guarantee that the color you see on your screen will be true to life. However, with all the dupes on the same page, you’ll see how the colors look in relation to each other, which is the main point of these posts.
  • I’m not attempting to dupe the special properties of the inks (sheen, shimmer, scent).

Enjoy, and happy inking!

Day 12: Memory Lane

Memory Lane is a shimmer ink; it’s a pale, desaturated purple. The best match I found is Wearingeul Jane Eyre, but it’s not identical. Jane Eyre is a bit less saturated.

Memory Lane and its best match
Memory Lane swatch on top, Jane Eyre swatch on the bottom.
Memory Lane and the colors I tested
Memory Lane swatch along the top, with (left to right) Papier Plume Indians Purple, Pilot Iroshizuku Murasaki Shikibu, Graf von Faber Castell Violet Blue, Wearingeul Jane Eyre, Sailor Ink Studio 150, Noodler’s Tchaikovsky, and Robert Oster Summer Storm swatched under it.

Day 13: Upon a Star

Upon a Star is another one of the new “formulas,” a chameleon ink; it’s a deep royal blue with pink/purple to green/teal shimmer and a red/copper sheen. I can see the duochrome effect in the swatch, but not the writing. There are several decent color matches, but I chose Midnight Hour (2019 Inkvent) as the best because it has a similar sheen.

Upon a Star and its best match
Upon A Star swatch on top, Midnight Hour swatch on the bottom.
Upon A Star and the colors I tested
Upon A Star swatch along the top, with (left to right) Diamine Blue Pearl, Laban Artemis, Diamine Midnight Hour (2019 Inkvent), Organics Studio Ralph Waldo Emerson, and Diamine Majestic Blue swatched under it.

Day 14: Three Kings

Three Kings is a standard ink; it’s a pretty standard gold. Diamine Golden Sands is an excellent match, although Candle Light (2021 Inkvent) is pretty close, too.

Three Kings
Three Kings swatch on top, Golden Sands swatch on the bottom.
Three Kings and the colors I tested
Three Kings swatch along the top, with (left to right) Colorverse Rising Reflections, Diamine Candle Light (2021 Inkvent), Colorverse String, J. Herbin Ambre de Birmanie, Diamine Golden Sands, Kyo No Oto Yamabukiiro, and Taccia Sharaku Natane swatched under it.

Day 15: Pick Me Up

Pick Me Up is another new “formula,” ink: scented and sheen; it’s a warm brown with green sheen. I didn’t care for the scent at all. There’s definitely some alcohol smell in there, and not in a good way. The moment I swatched Pick Me Up, my mind went to Winter Spice (2021 Inkvent), and I was right. It’s such a perfect match that I wouldn’t be surprised to find they’re the exact same formula with the shimmer left out of the newer.

Pick Me Up and its best match
Pick Me Up swatch on top, Winter Spice swatch on the bottom.
Pick Me Up and the colors I tested
Pick Me Up swatch along the top, with (left to right) Diamine Winter Spice (2021 Inkvent), Monteverde Scotch Brown, Robert Oster Aussie Brown, Taccia Sharaku Kurocha, and Monteverde Brown Sugar swatched under it.

Day 16: Serendipity

Serendipity is a sheen and shimmer ink; it’s a classic teal we’ve all seen a million times with a pinkish sheen and a copper or rose gold shimmer. Diamine Yuletide (2021 Inkvent) is a perfect color match right down to the sheen, though it sheens less than Serendipity.

Serendipity and its best match
Serendipity swatch on top, Yuletide swatch on the bottom.
Serendipity and the colors I tested
Serendipity swatch along the top, with (left to right) J. Herbin Emerald of Chivor, Andenillium Colossal Squid Dark, Sailor Yama Dori, and Diamine Yuletide (2021 Inkvent) swatched under it.

Day 17: Flame

Flame is a standard ink; it’s an orange that’s comfortable to read. Diamine Blaze Orange is the closest match — although all of the inks I tried are decent matches — even though it looks slightly more vibrant on Tomoe River paper.

Flame and its best match
Flame swatch on top, Blaze Orange swatch on the bottom.
Flame and the colors I tested
Flame swatch along the top, with (left to right) Diamine Blaze Orange, Pilot Iroshizuku Yu Yake, Pelikan Edelstein Mandarin, Taccia Koiame, and Lamy Bronze swatched under it.

Day 18: Olive Swirl

Olive Swirl is another one of the new “formulas,” a chameleon ink; it’s a great olive green with a green shimmer. It seems to have a lower shimmer density than the other shimmer and chameleon inks, and I can’t see any color shift at all. Krishna Ghat Green is the closest match I found, but it shades differently than Olive Swirl.

Olive Swirl and its best match
Olive Swirl swatch on top, Ghat Green swatch on the bottom.
Olive Swirl and the colors I tested
Olive Swirl swatch along the top, with (left to right) Kyo No Oto Kokeiro, Vinta Leyte, Sailor Waka Uguisu, Krishna Ghat Green, Colorverse Walk the Dog, and Diamine Salamander swatched under it.

Thanks for reading to the end, I hope you enjoyed my post. What do you think of this week’s colors and dupes? Are there any you’ll want to get later, or do you already have some of the dupe inks? Let me know in the comments! I’d love to hear from you.

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  1. For Yuletide, I thought that looked awfully close to Diamine’s “Akkerman’s Israel’s Zeeblauw”.

    December 25, 2022
  2. roberta mosenfelder
    roberta mosenfelder

    I am wondering if you looked at R&K Alt -Goldgrun when looking for dups of Olive Swirl? I like this color, but don’t want the shimmer in there included.

    December 25, 2022
    • I didn’t. I start by comparing to colors I’ve previously swatched, then if I don’t find matches, I order colors that look like they could be matches. Since I had matches for Olive Swirl, I didn’t need to look further.

      December 25, 2022

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