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25 Days of Dupes Wrap-Up

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I hope you’ve enjoyed this series. If you were unable to purchase the Inkvent Calendar, then I hope this settled your mind about experiencing the colors. If you fell in love with a color (or a few) from the Inkvent Calendar, then I hope this freed you to use them since you can get color dupes.

I want to provide an easy reference post so you don’t have to click through 25 separate blog posts to find the dupe names. I’m only listing the ink that I feel is the best overall dupe. If you want to see the comparison swabs or the other dupe options, you can click through to the corresponding post.

The Dupes

  1. Blue Peppermint – Diamine Soft Mint
  2. Candy Cane – Monteverde Valentine Red
  3. Snow Storm – Pilot Iroshizuku Fuyu Syogun
  4. Polar Glow – Robert Oster Blue Water Ice
  5. Triple Chocolate – Diamine Macassar
  6. Ho Ho Ho – Nemosine Aeolis Palus Red
  7. Mistletoe – Vinta Inks Carlos
  8. Gold Star – Robert Oster Peach
  9. Nutcracker – Colorverse Dark Energy
  10. Winter Miracle – Diamine Pansy
  11. Elf – J. Herbin Lierre Sauvage
  12. Noel – Diamine Red Dragon
  13. Mulled Wine – Sailor Jentle Oku-Yama
  14. Jack Frost – Robert Oster Soda Pop Blue
  15. Festive Cheer – Platinum Mixable Aurora Blue
  16. Seasons Greetings – Organics Studio Walden Pond Blue
  17. Poinsettia – Robert Oster Red Candy
  18. Holly – Monteverde California Teal
  19. Gingerbread – Robert Oster Caffe Crema
  20. Midnight Hour – DeAtramentis Madame de Pompadour
  21. Fire Embers – Diamine Firefly/Monteverde Love Red
  22. Solstice – Colorverse Sunspot
  23. Roasted Chestnut – Diamine Cocoa Shimmer
  24. Purple Bow – Birmingham Gayety Theater Vaudeville Regalia
  25. Happy Holidays – Diamine Blue Pearl

Other Dupes Suggestions

During the course of this series, I received multiple suggestions for other possible Ink Dupes. I’m providing them here for you to test out. Keep in mind, I haven’t tested them against the Inkvent inks, so I don’t know how accurate these suggestions are.

If you have a dupe suggestion, let me know so I can add it to this list.

  1. Blue Peppermint – J. Herbin Diabolo Menthe; Diamine Shimmertastic Tropical Glow
  2. Candy Cane – Akkerman #21 Chinatown Red; Diamine Shimmertastic Firestorm Red
  3. Snow Storm – Diamine Shimmertastic Moon Dust
  4. Polar Glow – Krishna Moonview; Akkerman #5 Shocking Blue; Diamine Skull and Roses
  5. Triple Chocolate – No additional dupes mentioned
  6. Ho Ho Ho – No additional dupes mentioned
  7. Mistletoe – No additional dupes mentioned
  8. Gold Star – DeAtramentis Pearlescent Amber Yellow-Copper; DeAtramentis Pearlescent Whisky Brown Gold
  9. Nutcracker – No additional dupes mentioned
  10. Winter Miracle – No additional dupes mentioned
  11. Elf – No additional dupes mentioned
  12. Noel – No additional dupes mentioned
  13. Mulled Wine – No additional dupes mentioned
  14. Jack Frost – No additional dupes mentioned
  15. Festive Cheer – No additional dupes mentioned
  16. Seasons Greetings – No additional dupes mentioned
  17. Poinsettia – No additional dupes mentioned
  18. Holly – No additional dupes mentioned
  19. Gingerbread – No additional dupes mentioned
  20. Midnight Hour – No additional dupes mentioned
  21. Fire Embers – No additional dupes mentioned
  22. Solstice – No additional dupes mentioned
  23. Roasted Chestnut – Pelikan Brilliant Brown
  24. Purple Bow – No additional dupes mentioned
  25. Happy Holidays – No additional dupes mentioned

Thank You!

While I bought, or already had, most of the dupe possibilities, some were gifted to me by generous friends in the DC Metro Pen Crew. Thanks to everyone who helped out.

And thanks to you, for joining me on this 25 Days of Dupes journey.


  1. Lee Hibbs
    Lee Hibbs

    What is your favorite everyday blue ink?

    December 27, 2019
    • I don’t really use blues all that much, but I enjoy Diamine Prussian Blue and Diamine Presidential Blue. Both are softer and less in-your-face than the bright royal blues like Kon-Peki and Nitrogen.

      December 27, 2019

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