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Changes Coming Soon

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It’s been several years since I last updated my blog design. It’s time I fix that.

Unlike my previous site update, however, I’ve decided to work with a pre-built theme. It should save me time with this update and make future updates easier.

The downside to choosing that course, however, is that I can’t stage everything and then port it over without some extra hassle for me. Instead, I’ll be making incremental changes over the next month(ish).

So, I hope you’ll “pardon my dust” during “construction.” I’ll be working on changes to my website around my full-time job, creating blog posts, and having a life.

The changes I’m planning won’t affect the function of my blog, just the aesthetics. I’ll still be posting regularly, and all of my existing blog posts will be available, but things might look a little funny in the interim.

I appreciate your patience, and I truly hope you enjoy the updates.

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