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Ink Battle: Wearingeul and Diamine

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This ink battle is between Wearingeul Jane Eyre and Diamine Memory Lane. Both inks are in a pen fitted with a Jowo #6 M nib. The paper is Muji plain loose leaf paper.

We’re back to a traditional Ink Battle. I own a bottle of both Jane Eyre and Memory Lane. I noticed that they look rather similar and wanted to see how similar. For those unfamiliar with these inks, Memory Lane is a shimmer ink from the 2022 (Green) Inkvent calendar. However, Diamine shimmers settle complete, which I let happen for this battle so I can just compare the colors.

You can assume I have no problems with any ink that appears in an ink battle. The point of the battle is to choose a winner of the two colors. I use a pair of similar inks in pens with the same nib, then test them out to see which I like better. Generally, I’m trying to decide which ink to keep, but sometimes I’m trying to decide which to buy, or if I should buy one ink when I already have a similar one.

I may find out that, when used with the same nib, they’re sufficiently different to own them both. Depending on how these battles turn out, I may tag some of the posts as ink dupes as well. You can find all of the ink battles posts on the tag page.

Comparing Wearingeul Jane Austen and Diamine Memory Lane by writing pangrams on adjacent lines.

At the start, I wasn’t sure there was a reason to keep going, as Memory Lane was so much darker. But, just in case, I let each nib bleed out ink onto a paper towel to make sure that both were flowing well. Once I did that, you can see how similar the inks are. They are virtually the same hue, although Jane Eyre is just a hint less saturated. Since these inks are both desaturated purples, I prefer a bit more saturation.

In the middle section of writing and the scribble section, they have a similar amount of shading, but clearly, Memory Lane can shade to much darker.

Close up on the scribble section

The surprise was discovering that Jane Eyre is rather water resistant. Of course, that means it shows no complexity in the water test, although that doesn’t necessarily mean that it doesn’t have any. Memory Lane shows some nice complexity.

Close up on the water test

I don’t feel the need to keep both inks given the similarity in color. If you dislike shimmer, or if you prefer water resistant inks, go with Jane Eyre. Otherwise, I suggest Memory Lane.

Given that Memory Lane is capable of so much shading, is a bit more saturated, and has shimmer, if I want it, that’s the one I’m going to keep.


In this battle, Memory Lane’s shading and saturation (plus bonus points for shimmer that settles completely) just beat out Jane Eyre’s valiant effort, even with its bonus point for water resistance.

TraitJane EyreMemory Lane
Bonus Points12

What do you think? Should I keep both? Which one is your favorite? Let me know in the comments! I’d love to hear from you.

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  1. LeAnne

    I prefer the Diamine Memory Lane, but I say keep both! 😊

    June 7, 2024
    • I really need to cut down on my ink collection. Otherwise, I would.

      June 7, 2024

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