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Ink Dupes #2: Organics Studio and Kyo-No-Oto

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I’ve got a couple of notes on this comparison. 1) Hisoku is an odd ink. It doesn’t work well with dip pens, as you can see below. I also now understand the meaning of a “dry ink”. You can tell how much better flow/wetness there is with The Real Teal.  2) The Real Teal is a old limited edition. So it’s nearly impossible to get a bottle. In my opinion, Hisoku is a fairly decent dupe. When writing with a properly inked pen, you can’t really tell the difference.

The Inks

Organics Studio The Real Teal
Price: N/A
Bottle Size: 55ml
Availability: Limited Edition, Discontinued
Kyo-No-Oto Hisoku
Price: ~$25 USD
Bottle Size: 40ml
Availability: Readily available

Comparison swatches and chromatography strips for Organics Studio The Real Teal and Kyo-No-Oto Hisoku

If you have any suggestions for future comparisons, let me know in the comments.

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