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Ink Dupes #6: Sailor and Robert Oster

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Finally I get to compare inks that aren’t completely identical. These two are close enough, though, that if the new Sailor Jentle prices are too steep for you, Jade is a good alternative. They’re almost indistinguishable in normal writing.

For those who aren’t aware, I’ve heard that the 50ml Sailor Jentle bottles are going away to be replaced with significantly more expensive (price per ml) 30ml bottles. If you’ve heard otherwise, please let me know.

The Inks

Sailor Jentle Waka Uguisu
Price: ~$18 USD / ~$15 USD
Bottle Size: 50ml / 30ml
Price Per Ml: $.36 / $.75
Availability: Readily available
Robert Oster Jade
Price: ~$17 USD
Bottle Size: 50ml
Price Per Ml: $.34
Availability: Readily available
Comparison swatches and chromatography strips for Robert Oster Jade and Sailor Jentle Waka Uguisu

If you have any suggestions for future comparisons, let me know in the comments. And check out my other Ink Dupes posts.

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