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My Current Pen Wish List

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For a very short while earlier this year, I had a very minor pen wish list. But, I’m acquisitive by nature — I try to temper it, but the crow-brain is strong with this one — so, lo and behold, I have a significant wish list again. It’s not as long as it could be — or has been in the past — so at least there’s that.

I’m going to share my current wish list, and maybe revisit it a couple of times a year to see what I buy and what I ultimately decide against. Maybe you’ll find some pens to add to your wish list. Muahahaha — erm, *cough cough*. Sorry about that.

Note: I’ve listed these in alphabetical order by company name.

Mainstream Brands


I’m currently wavering between the Skeleton model in gunmetal and the Galileo in Rose Gold. I hope I can see the Galileo in person at the DC show, because that would help me choose. Or maybe convince me to get both. *sigh* Crow brain.


After the joy of my Custom 74, I want a second one with an EF nib. I just have to decide which color. Forest Green seems the most likely at the moment.

I’ve also been contemplating the Falcon with an SEF nib. I wanted to see the blue and purple ones in person. Having seen them at the Triangle Pen Show, I’m gonna go with the red one. Now I need to decide between a plastic or metal body. Ooooh, I just found out there’s a brown metal bodied one. I need a brown pen in that rotation group. Hmmmmm. Decisions, decisions.

And last on the Pilot list is the Namiki Yukari Rock Garden. I fell in love with it at the Triangle Pen Show. I’ll either buy this pen if I get the job I recently applied for — keep your fingers crossed for me — or when I finish paying back savings for the pens I bought unexpectedly earlier this year. Either way, it will be mine before the end of the year.

Indie Brands

Den’s Pens

Den’s Pens has this glorious crystal design that really speaks to me. I’ve just been trying to find a translucent material that would actually look like a crystal… because, reasons. I mean, really, it would just add to the cool factor.
Website | Instagram

Gravitas Pens

I love Gravitas Pens’ black and silver skull pen. BUT — and this is SUPER important — I need to test one to see how the cap sounds during capping and uncapping. If it’s anything like the powder coated Kawecos, I won’t be able to deal with it. That metal scraping sound is anathema to me.
Website | Instagram | Instagram

Hardy Penwrights

I’ve been commissioning pens to celebrate my heritage, and I want one for the Dutch side of my family. An orange base — the Dutch national color — with a silver overlay. Hardy Penwrights has some truly amazing silver work, as evidenced by both of his Pen Artisan Guild annual pen contest “David Broadwell Best of Show Award”. I intend to approach Mr. Hardy about the possibility of commissioning this very soon. I hope he says yes.
Website | Instagram

Hooligan Pens

Hooligan Pens made this winter pen about a year and a half ago, and I want to commission something with a similar theme to house my PenBBS snowflake nib, assuming Mr. Cullen can/will do that.

Iron Feather Creative

I’m currently on Iron Feather Creative’s queue to get a custom Mayan pen. Due to a communication error on my part, it’s taking longer than first expected, but it’s worth it. I can’t wait to see how it turns out. And there’s an extra surprise with it that I’ll share later.
Website | Instagram

Loft Pens

Just the other day, Loft Pens liked one of my posts, and I’m so glad they did, because I discovered this beauty. I need to figure out what color scheme I’d want, but it’s super cool, and I really want one.
Website | Instagram

Practical Pens

Practical Pens’ printed pens are super cool. I was hooked when they shared the black and red pen. I look forward to getting one at some point. Hopefully, some point soon.

Schon Design

Schon Design’s faceted pocket pens are fabulous, but I’m waiting to see if they’ll use a material that won’t patina/change over time. So, basically, Ian, if you’re reading this, any chance of a steel one? Pretty please?
Website | Instagram

Stanford Wood Studio

I need one of Stanford Wood Studio’s bead pens, but I really want one that has more beads than their Impressionist collection. I’m hoping that ship hasn’t sailed. It’s so unique to them, and I love collecting pens/materials unique to a maker.
Website | Instagram

Phew, That’s a Long Wish List

So, there we go. It’s a fairly long wish list, but not the longest I’ve ever had. I’ll work on paring it down some after the DC show.

Are any of these on your wishlist? Is there anything on yours that you think I should know about? Let me know in the comments.


  1. Totally on board with the Gravitas. Spotted that pen earlier this year. I am totally into Día de Muertos and this pen would make a great October pen (yes I know day of the dead is Nov 1 can’t get past a mental connection with Halloween)

    July 10, 2021
    • Definitely a good Día de Muertos pen. 😊 I love skull motifs, and the Gravitas would go well with my Montegrappa Crowned Skull.

      July 10, 2021

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