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Review – Knights Who Broke My Heart

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Knights Who Broke My Heart

by Sonya Jesus

Knights Who Broke My HeartSeries: Knights, Book 3
Genres: Romance, Suspense
Release Date: July 19, 2018
Pages: 320
Purchase from: Amazon
My Rating: ★★★★★

They were out to break my heart…

Amelia finally figures out exactly who her heart wants, and she is determined to go for it. She is willing to give the knight who stole her heart everything. She owns up to her mistakes and truly attempts to change, but just because her mind is made up, doesn’t mean her love is reciprocated. Will she choose the best-friend who learned her by heart, or the soccer god who ignored her for the longest time? One of them will win her heart, the other will break it… But neither of them are safe from the guy who will stop at nothing to protect her.

Murder isn’t something Hawk shies away from. Actually, he prefers to use it as a last recourse, but he’s unraveling. The closer Amelia gets to achieving happiness, the more his control disintegrates. And when one of his carefully laid plans turns on him, he loses it. Realizing he’s the reason behind Amelia’s attack, plagues him with guilt. In all his attempts to protect her, he was the one who put her in danger- a failure he isn’t willing to have looming over him… But what happens when his Queen fails him in ways she can never take back?


Wow, a lot happens in book Knights Who Broke My Heart (KWBMH). Sonya keeps up the drama, angst, and suspense she ramped up in Knights Who Stole My Heart (KWSMH).

Robins takes a step back in KWBMH, despite having some chapters in his point of view. Not that I mind, as I’m not a huge fan of his.

Aiden’s evolution throughout the book is unexpected, but gratifying, as it looks like Lia may have finally found someone good for her.

Hawk is as horrifying as ever. We finally get confirmation of his identity, and, while I didn’t have a definite suspect, I’m glad it wasn’t someone I’d crossed off my list of possibilities.

Lia continues to evolve as a character, which is really nice. She’s starting to figure herself out and is gaining confidence in herself and her choices. her wavering on Robins still makes me want to shaker her sometimes, but she’s doing better.

I’m glad that KWBMH didn’t focus on all the girl drama like KWSMH did. If anything, this one was guy drama, which is much more familiar, and thus, easier, for me to deal with in general.

In the interest of full disclosure, I did notice a decent number of errors as I read. However, I received an ARC and notification that edits were ongoing, so I have reason to believe that they will be fixed for the final edition.

Overall, KWBMH is another strong entry in the Knights series. I very much look forward to reading book 4. Perhaps it will be Knights Who Healed My Heart?

About the Author

Photo of Sonya JesusWho am I?

Basically, I’m a fiction writing science nerd, who balances Ph.D. work with my imagination. I love the way writing fiction liberates my mind and allows me the freedom to be creative. A large portion of my time is devoted to turning dreams into reality and the other portion to loving and embracing life. When I’m not writing or trying to investigate the inner workings of the microbial world, I’m either binge watching Netflix, reading on my Kindle or painting. That or I’m either pretending to be a Master Chef with my husband, playing with my 5 dogs, or talking to my family and friends.

Why do I write?

My mind is a hotel and way too many characters live there. They slam doors, fall in love, blow things up and murder each other. Avoiding them usually results in multiple temper tantrum, slamming doors and silent treatments that inevitably results in writer’s block. So, I listen to them and share their stories.

Author links: Website | Facebook | Goodreads | InstagramTwitter

Disclaimer: This review is based on a complimentary eBook ARC I received from Sonya Jesus. The complimentary receipt of this book has in no way affected my review or rating.

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