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There Was a Pen

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I’ve owned a decent number of pens in my time in the pen world. And I have many pen friends. This idea came to me as I was considering one of my most recent additions to the “for sale” pile. That said, I give you There Was A Pen a short story I wrote with illustrations by Pensloth, AKA Jim Crawford.

Once upon a time, there was a pen. It was a particularly pretty pen. And one day it caught Sloth’s eye.

Sloth wants a pen

Sloth wanted that pen. He coveted it and was desperate to add it to his collection. So he did.

Sloth buys the pen.

He was so excited for it to arrive. But it took so long, even for a sloth. It felt like it would never arrive.

Sloth waits for his pen.

Finally, finally, it arrived, and it was beautiful. It put all of Sloth’s other pens to shame. He hardly even looked at them. Sometimes he even dreamed about his pen.

Sloth dreams about his pen.

But, as the days and weeks passed, it seemed less special. Sloth left it unused more and more. He started to question what he’d though was so great about it.

Sloth wonders what he saw in the pen.

Eventually, he decided to sell it. After all, it wasn’t such a special pen, was it? Why keep something so unremarkable? The pen sold quickly, and Sloth happily shipped it off. But, on the way home, he passed the pen store, and there was a pen…

Sloth sees a new pen.

The End.

I hope you enjoyed There Was a Pen, leave a comment below if you’d be interested in seeing any of Jim’s illustrations as stickers (and what your favorite was). That might help me convince him to get some made.

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