Indie Pen Makers Update

About 2.5 years ago, I wrote about Indie Pen makers (can you believe I only owned 20 pens? Incredible!). Since then, I’ve learned about many more pen makers, both that have started recently and that I simply didn’t know about at the time.

For the purposes of this list, I’m putting the following limitations on the term “Indie Maker”:

  • Only or regularly works with customers to make unique/custom pens
  • Fully handmade, uses CNC lathes with hand finishing, or 3D prints custom pen designs
  • Creates kitless pens
  • Not sold in stores (or only sold in local brick & mortar store)
  • Makes one-off or short runs

Still, do not expect this to be a comprehensive list, that’s virtually impossible these days. However, if you know of a maker who meets the qualifications above and is not included, please let me know. Also, if you know the location of a maker that doesn’t have one listed, let me know that, too.

I have not purchased a pen from most of these makers, so consider this an informational list, not an endorsement.

Pen Makers

This list is alphabetical by company name — it is not ranked.

1836 CC@1836ccUSA
Additive Pens@additivepens
Asa Pens@asapens.inIndia
Atelier Lusso@atelierlussoUSA
Black Robin Pens@black_robin_pensEngland
Birmingham Pen Co@birminghampensUSA
Bonecrusher 7 Studios@bonecrusher7studiosUSA
Broadwell Studios@broadwellstudiosUSA
Brute Force Design@bruteforcedesignEngland
Butterknife Creations@butterknifecreationsCanada
Carolina Pen Co@brooks_803USA
Chesapeake Pen Co@chesapeakepencoUSA
The Chicago Pen Co@thechicagopencompanyUSA
Country Made Pens@countrymadepensUSA
Denobil Pen Co@denobil_pen_coMoldova
Dens Pens@denscustompensUK
Desiderata Pen Co@thedesideratapencompanyUSA
Divine Island Design@divineislanddesignUSA
Dryad Pens@dryad_pensAustralia
F3 Pens (Formerly Fisher of Pens)@f3.pensUSA
Giants’ Pens@giantspensNetherlands
Gravitas Pens@gravitaspensIreland
GW Pens@gwpensUSA
Hardy Penwrights@hardypenwrightsUSA
Haskoson Pen Co@haskosonGermany
Hinze Pen Co@hinzepenUSA
Hogtown Pens@hogtownpensCanada
Hooligan Pens@hooligan_georgiaUSA
Iron Feather Creative@ironfeathercreativeUSA
Jason Neil Penworks@jasonneilpenworksUSA
Jeb’s PensUSA
Just Turnings@justturningsAustralia
Latitude Pens@latitudepensUSA
London Pen Co@londonpencoCanada
Matthieu Faivet@stylo_matthieu_faivetFrance
Mr. Cypress@mr_cypressTaiwan
The Mythic Pen Co@mythicpensUSA
Newton Pens@newtonpensUSA
Nick’s Designer Pens@nicksdesignerpensAustralia
On a Whim Woodworks@onawhim_woodworksUSA
Opus Mechan@opusmechanUSA
Penne Fortuna@fortuna_pensItaly
Pennsler Pen Co@pennsler
Practical Pen@practical_pens
Ranga Pens@ranga_pensIndia
Red Dragon Pen Co@reddragonpencoUSA
River City Pen Co@rivercitypencompanyUSA
Rockster Pens@rocksterpensWales
Romulus Pens@jalbertlawrenceUSA
Russ Pens@russ_pensUSA
Ryan Krusac Studios@ryankrusacUSA
Schon Dsgn Pens@schon_dsgnUSA
Scriptorium Pens@scriptorium_pensUSA
Sebastian Schweizer@schweizer_feine_schreibgeraeteGermany
Silverburl Pens@silverburl_pensUK
Sindris Workshop@sindrisworkshopEngland
Stanford Wood Studio@stanfordwoodstudioSouth Africa
Stylo Alexandre Duboc@atelier_alexandre_dubocFrance
Tailored Pen Company@tailoredpencompanyUSA
Timber Elegance@timber.eleganceCanada
Trenche Design@trenchedesignPuerto Rico
Turning Point Pen Company@turningpointpencoUSA
Turnt Pen Co@turntpencoUSA
Twiss Pens@twisspensEngland
Walltown Craftworks@walltowncraftworksUSA
Wet & Wise@wetandwiseBelgium
Woodshed Pen Company@woodshedpencoUSA
Wood Wonders of NC@wood_wonders_of_ncUSA
Worcester Pen Co@worcesterpencompanyEngland
Write Turnz@writeturnzUSA

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