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My “Lucky Catches”

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How many times have you missed out on a limited edition? Or discovered a product you want only to learn that it was introduced — and discontinued — years ago? I’m guessing you can think of at least a few instances of each.

Now, how often has a product you considered a lost cause made it into your collection? I’d bet this time you have less instances. You likely consider those occasions when you managed to snag something you didn’t think you would to be rather lucky. I certainly do, and I want to share a few lucky catches that are part of my collection.

2017 DC Pen Show #2

Posted in Pen Shows

Welcome back for the second installment of my experience at the 2017 DC Pen Show. I left off yesterday with finishing my perusal of the small room. I met up with one of my friends in the lobby. He hadn’t been able to find us, and assumed we’d made our way to the large room. A couple of texts took care of that. Ah, technology, you are amazing…when there is signal.

Even the hallway between the small room and the first entrance to the large room was absolutely packed. There were a few booths, the table to sign up for a subscription to Pen World magazine, and a smallish table with a metric butt-ton of flyers and brochures that I didn’t stop to look at because they weren’t pens or ink. What can I say, I had my priorities in order.

I did stop and ooh and ahh over the ARTUS pens. They are beautiful. If you love one of a kind, hand-painted pens, even if you don’t, do yourself a favor and take a look at them. As I mentioned to my friend, it’s a good thing they didn’t have a Queen Elizabeth I pen, or I would have been in BIG trouble.