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Month: August 2023

Pen Porn: Dotted Sea Urchin

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Disclaimer: I take no responsibility for pen envy or impulse purchases resulting from viewing this post.

Per usual, you can click on the images to view them larger. I do my best to provide you with high-quality pen porn. 😉

Before I get started, I need to say that this isn’t my pen. I’m borrowing it from Jim because it deserves a pen porn post.

He’d wanted one of these “sea urchin” pens since Stanford Pen Studio first posted one. These dotted pens are painted by Di herself. Jim just happened to be lucky enough to scoop this one up when it posted.

Now, onto the photos!

Stanford Pen Studio Sea Urchin

My “Lucky Catches”

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How many times have you missed out on a limited edition? Or discovered a product you want only to learn that it was introduced — and discontinued — years ago? I’m guessing you can think of at least a few instances of each.

Now, how often has a product you considered a lost cause made it into your collection? I’d bet this time you have less instances. You likely consider those occasions when you managed to snag something you didn’t think you would to be rather lucky. I certainly do, and I want to share a few lucky catches that are part of my collection.

Fountain Pen Tag, Ink Edition

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I came across a fun old post from nikkipans on the makeup side of Instagram, with a tag credited to user jesspanner who either quit Instagram or changed their name. It wasn’t hard to adjust it to work for the fountain pen world.

Because I’ve done “fountain pen tags” for both pens and nibs, it only made sense to make this one about ink! Even more fun, Jim agreed to join the fun and provide his answers as well!

I’ve included swatches for inks we still have; unfortunately, that’s only about 60% of them. I’ve done my best to photoshop the individual ink swatches to look true-to-life, but that’s easier said than done, especially with any color that has red in it.

Pen Porn: Harmony of the Hummingbird

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Disclaimer: I take no responsibility for pen envy or impulse purchases resulting from viewing this post.

Per usual, you can click on the images to view them larger. I do my best to provide you with high-quality pen porn. 😉

If you saw my first DC Pen Show post, then you know I purchased the Luxury Brands of America x Benu collaboration Harmony of the Hummingbird. I had to wait for it to get shipped from the LBA warehouse so I could get the number I wanted. Now it’s hear, and I had to put my other posts on hold to share this gorgeous pen with you.

Benu Euphoria Harmony of the Hummingbird

Ink Battle: Birmingham and J. Herbin

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No matter how much I try to sample or test an ink before buying it, sometimes that isn’t possible. Because of this, I have some inks that are incredibly similar in color. That’s where “ink battles” come in.

You can assume I have no problems with any ink that appears in an ink battle. I may decide, when using the inks side-by-side, that one performs better, but the point of the battle is to choose a favorite color. I use a pair of similar inks in pens with the same nib, then test them out to see which I like better.

Or, I may find out that, when used with the same nib, they’re sufficiently different to keep them both. Depending on how these “battles” turn out, I may tag some of the posts as ink dupes as well. You can find all of the ink battles posts on the tag page.

2023 DC Pen Show, Part 3

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The Joy of Community

I’ve said in previous posts that the fountain pen community is amazing. The DC Pen Show was an excellent reminder of this. For both Jim and I, the focus — and highlight — of the show was socializing with pen friends.

It’s been easy, for the past few years, to forget what a great community the pen world is. In general, members are welcoming and helpful. The experienced members tend to be generous in sharing their knowledge, and sometimes inks or even pens for testing.

2023 DC Pen Show, Part 2

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How to Make it Even Better

I want to start this post by ensuring any reader knows that I’m not writing this to denigrate the DC Pen Show, the show organizers, or the venue. This post is going to seem negative since I’m writing about issues I had with the show and venue. But, nothing is perfect, and you can’t improve without input. So, that’s what I’m trying to do: provide input and suggestions for improvement.

I also want to acknowledge that Barbara and her team have improved the DC Pen Show by leaps and bounds. Their work to better the show for vendors and attendees deserves recognition. I want to help the show organizers continue to make the DC Pen Show even better.

Now, with my purpose explained, let’s dive into the few issues I had with and at the DC Pen Show and some possible ideas for mitigation.

2023 DC Pen Show, Part 1

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General Show Experience

While absolutely exhausting, I have to say that this year’s DC Pen Show has been my favorite by far of all the ones I have attended. I got to chat with so many pen friends, meet new people, strengthen relationships, and reconnect with older friends.

For those who didn’t attend the DC Pen Show last year, and/or who didn’t read my blog posts, the show hotel underwent a major renovation — it was in progress during last year’s show — so multiple areas were seriously altered in comparison to previous years.

I have a lot to say for my show review this year, so check out my post about it later this week.

A Fulfilling Micro Collection

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The Goulet Pen Company posted a Q&A Slice video on YouTube Can These 5 Pens Cover ALL of Your Needs?, with the answer to a question from user Adams1030.

If you had to curate a standard 5-pen collection that in theory would cover almost all of a person’s fountain pen needs, what would that collection be?

The question is interesting, and Drew’s answer was fun. While I wouldn’t be happy with just the five pens I list below — I enjoy variety — I think they would satisfy most of the general pen desires. So, allow me to share my version of the 5-pen collection. My goal was to provide a wide range of writing experiences without breaking the bank on any one pen.

Athena: Life After FIP

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This post is a continuation of my series on her treatment and integration into the household. If you haven’t already, I suggest reading my previous posts on her. You can find them on her tag page.

Let’s get the big news out of the way: we are officially considering Athena cured. *Cue applause*

Because of this, I’m changing a couple of aspects of these posts, including the frequency. Unless anything catastrophic happens, I’ll be switching to posting about Athena every other month. If I don’t have enough to share, I may increase time between posts.

Second, as we are now considering Athena cured, I’m restarting the counts to “Post Cured.” I’m not going to count days anymore, I’m just going to count months — e.g. July 3rd is 0-Day post cured, August 3rd will be 1 month post cured, and so on.