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The Fountain Pens Tag

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The other day, I watched a video on Theresa is Dead’s YouTube channel covering The Eyeshadow Palette Tag. It was an old video, from a year ago, and based on an idea from Allie Glines and Samantha March. However, it occurred to me that I could have fun with it — with some modifications — for fountain pens.

Some of these questions were hard for me to answer, but, let’s give it a try.

1. What is your newest fountain pen?

At the time of writing (9/5/21) my newest pen is the Retro 51 Wings of the Monarch fountain pen.

Retro 51 Wings of the Monarch

I decided not to get the rollerball version last year, and regretted it. So, when a fountain pen version was released a few days ago, I jumped on it. No regrets here. It’s stunning, and I already did a Makeup Monday look with it.

2. What is your oldest fountain pen?

The oldest pen I still own is the Lamy Safari Dark Lilac.

Lamy Safari Dark Lilac

It occurs to me as I type this, that oldest could mean in age or in how long I’ve owned it. I went with how long I’ve owned it. I lost my first ever fountain pen — *sniff* — a Platinum Preppy Red with a red nib. The Dark Lilac was my first post-Preppy purchase. Basically, the point at which I really joined the fountain pen world. I bought it from Bertram’s Inkwell on 4/1/2016.

3. What is your most expensive fountain pen?

My most expensive pen by far is the Visconti Il Magnifico Lapislazzuli.

That is, assuming you’re going off of MSRP. Thankfully, I was able to trade work for this pen, so I didn’t have to spend a dime of my own money. And, even then, I “bought” it at a steep discount. Well worth it. I love this pen. It’s gorgeous.

4. What is your most affordable fountain pen?

My most affordable pen by far is a Yiren 405 — a knockoff of the Lamy Safari.

Yiren 405

I bought this on Wish for $4 — including shipping. I wish Lamy would actually make ombre pens. But, for its price, this Yiren is a good little pen.

5. What is your everyday fountain pen?

I don’t really have an “everyday” pen. I have 7 always inked pens, but I don’t necessarily write with any or all of those every day. Unfortunately, with the way I use my pens, this question isn’t really answerable. As an interesting side note, I’d have the same problem with eyeshadow.

Perhaps the closest I can come to is which pen do I reach for most often. That would likely be my Iron Feather Creative Art Deco Nibs pen, but that’s mainly because it has my StyloSuite Spencerian nib in it.

6. What is your most colorful fountain pen?

I think this one goes to the Herbert Pen Company x Papier Plume New Orleans Tricentennial limited edition.

Herbert Pen Co NOLA Tricentennial

This was my first truly Indie pen. It was gorgeous, and I managed to get number 19. Now I make sure it’s in use for every Mardi Gras.

I almost chose the Retro 51 Calaveritas for this one, but then I remembered that I’m only doing fountain pens. There’s another that could tie for this one, but it’s on here later, so I skipped it for now.

7. What is your smallest fountain pen?

Definitely my Delta Dolcevita Undersize at 10cm long and 1.2cm wide, capped.

Delta Dolcevita Undersize

This is so cute and little, I just had to get it. It was another Bertram’s Inkwell purchase. There are a lot of those. My Sailor Pro Gear Slim Mini Aries was a close second at 10.5cm long and 1.4cm wide, capped.

8. What is your biggest fountain pen?

My Iron Feather Creative Art Deco Nibs pen wins here, but not by anywhere near as much as I thought.

Iron Feather Creative Art Deco Nibs

At 15.8cm long and 1.8cm wide, capped, this guy just edges out the Platinum Izumo Kurikara-ken, which comes in at 15.6cm long and 1.6cm wide, capped. I was surprised by just how many other pens came close to it in size.

9. What fountain pen has the best memory associated with it?

Hands down, my Stipula Etruria Rainbow Prisma 88.

Stipula Etruria Rainbow Prisma 88

Not only does this pen have an excellent origin story, it also has a great family memory associated with it.

Jim encouraged me to buy it as a reward to myself for pushing through my fear of driving to get my license. And then, Goulet Pen Co’s fabulous customer service — mixed with a bit of fate, I’m sure — got me my favorite number, 19. Even better, it’s number 19 of 88, so it has my birth year on it.

Then, when Jim and I were in Mexico visiting — and introducing him to — my family, I shared some fountain pens with my aunt/godmother. She, of course, remembered them from her childhood and younger days, and we had a nice chat about pens. She declared the Prisma her favorite of the ones I brought, at which I teased her about having expensive taste. Such a wonderful memory of bonding with my family.

My Prisma 88 would have tied for most colorful pen if it hadn’t been the choice for this answer.

10. What fountain pen do you own that is worth the hype?

My Pilot Custom 74.

Pilot Custom 74 Orange

I’ve heard, and read, people hype the Custom 74 since I entered the pen world. I’d mostly ignored that since it isn’t a “pretty” pen. But, when I finally caved and bought one, I was blown away. I enjoyed it so much, that I had a hard time un-inking it, and plan to buy another.

11. What fountain pen do you own that is not worth the hype?

While I don’t own it anymore, I have to say the Leonardo Officina Italiana Momento Zero. I’m going to upset a lot of people with this one, but I don’t feel it’s worth the hype it gets. I had the Blue Hawaii, and it wasn’t special. It didn’t spark joy, and I was reluctant to ink it, despite the beautiful material, so I sold it.

I’m thankful I feel this way, though, because I’m not tempted by all of the limited and special editions that have been on the market lately.

12. What is your most used fountain pen?

Like the “everyday” question, this one is nearly impossible to answer with the way I use my pens. From the “used most often” angle, it would be any of my always inked pens. I think the Izumo is the one I’ve had the longest, so probably that one. But from the “received the most use over the time you’ve owned it” probably the Dark Lilac because I’ve owned it the longest. I kept it continually inked for years.

13. What is your favorite fountain pen from your favorite brand?

Unlucky 13. Well, this one is 100% impossible for me to answer. I simply don’t have a favorite brand.

So, there we go. Did you enjoy this? Should I adapt more tags or challenges from the makeup world? Let me know in the comments. And, if you choose to do this yourself, tag me on Instagram, randomly_._rachel, so I can see.

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