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Would I Buy Them Again Today?

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This post is inspired by Angelica Nyqvist‘s video But, Would I Buy Them If They Were Released Today?! In that video, they credit Dolly Mama Beauty with coming up with the idea.

The idea behind this post is pretty straightforward: if the below pens were first announced/released today, would I buy them? So, this is different than the more typical, “if my collection disappeared” or, “if this pen got lost” that usually prefaces the “would I buy it again” question. Suspend disbelief for the duration of this post. Imagine that none of the below pens have ever existed in this world before today. And I’ll tell you if I would buy them.

My Pen Collection Part 3

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Indie Pens

I’m back with Part 3! I meant to include my “always inked” pens in this post, but it’s already so long, I don’t want to make it longer. So, I guess there will be a part 4.

As with my other pens, I keep my indie pens in rainbow order. The exceptions being my two urushi pens and my Permies.World pens. Those three live in the pen display box, as I don’t want to run the risk of ruining them with the elastic bands.

all of my indie pens

Once again, please use the form at the end of this post to vote for pens you want to see “pen porn” posts about.

The Fountain Pens Tag

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The other day, I watched a video on Theresa is Dead’s YouTube channel covering The Eyeshadow Palette Tag. It was an old video, from a year ago, and based on an idea from Allie Glines and Samantha March. However, it occurred to me that I could have fun with it — with some modifications — for fountain pens.

Some of these questions were hard for me to answer, but, let’s give it a try.

1. What is your newest fountain pen?

At the time of writing (9/5/21) my newest pen is the Retro 51 Wings of the Monarch fountain pen.

Retro 51 Wings of the Monarch

I decided not to get the rollerball version last year, and regretted it. So, when a fountain pen version was released a few days ago, I jumped on it. No regrets here. It’s stunning, and I already did a Makeup Monday look with it.

Fountain Pen 201: Indie Pen Makers

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Happy Fountain Pen Friday, and welcome to another issue of Fountain Pen 201. This week, I’ll be discussing indie pen makers.

When I discovered indie/small business pen makers, I was amazed by the options opened up to me. For the most part, it’s ruined me for large manufacturer pens. Right now, 8 of my 20 pens are from indie makers, and I’m expecting 3 more.

My Pen Collection
Starred pens are from indie makers.

2018 Baltimore Pen Show – Part 2

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Welcome to part 2 of my BWIPS 2018 experience write-up. If you didn’t read part 1, I suggest you do so before continuing with this.

– – –

I walked into the large room through the second door. The table immediately to my right is, for some reason, completely lost to my memory. I’ll blame it on pen show excitement.

I walked down the row and spent a few minutes staring at the Kanilea Pen Company pens. They’re absolutely beautiful, but, for some reason, they just don’t call to me. I’ve yet to figure out why.

Just past Kanilea was Jonathon Brooks/Carolina Pen Co. Unsurprisingly, the pens at his table were absolutely beautiful.