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Would I Buy Them Again Today?

Posted in Fountain Pens, and Non-Fountain Pens

This post is inspired by Angelica Nyqvist‘s video But, Would I Buy Them If They Were Released Today?! In that video, they credit Dolly Mama Beauty with coming up with the idea.

The idea behind this post is pretty straightforward: if the below pens were first announced/released today, would I buy them? So, this is different than the more typical, “if my collection disappeared” or, “if this pen got lost” that usually prefaces the “would I buy it again” question. Suspend disbelief for the duration of this post. Imagine that none of the below pens have ever existed in this world before today. And I’ll tell you if I would buy them.

Jim was kind enough to help me in this — like Angelica’s husband helped her — by choosing the 10 pens for me to discuss. He stayed away from pens that he felt had an obvious answer — like my ARTUS, Mr. Cypress, and Iron Feather Creative pens.

1. Franklin-Christoph x Goulet Pen Co. Model 31 Lyra

Franklin-Christoph Model 31 Lyra

This one is a bit difficult. I love the material; it’s my Slytherin pen. But, I’m not in love with the pen model. I’ve mentioned that the chunky threads cause the nib to dry out and hard start. Even my best inks, like J. Herbin, have difficulty staving off hard starts. So, would I buy it again? I’m honestly not sure. Probably, but it’s not a 100% yes.

2. The Chicago Pen Company Aristophanes Ruby-Throated Hummingbird

Chicago Pen Co Hummingbird

This is a pen themed after a hummingbird. OF COURSE I would buy it again.

3. Kaweco AL Sport Stonewashed Blue

Kaweco AL Sport Stonewashed Blue

I really like this pen. It’s a nice color and fun finish. It would not be an immediate re-buy. I would buy it again if I got the chance to buy a “floor model” like I did for this one. It means that the finish is more “worn” so it looks cooler.

4. Lamy 2000 Makrolon

Lamy 2000

The 2000 is another difficult decision. Every time I’ve considered selling it, I’ve been unable to let it go. I really enjoy the way it writes, and it’s very comfortable to hold. I wouldn’t buy this pen at full price, so I suppose my answer is no. But, once it was available secondhand at nearly half-off like mine? Absolutely.

5. Herbert Pen Co x Papier Plume Poe NOLA Tricentennial

Herbert Pen Co NOLA Tricentennial

As my first indie pen, this one means a lot to me, especially since it’s my favorite number — 19. I love using it every year for Mardi Gras week. I would definitely repurchase it. And I would definitely purchase number 19 again.

6. Visconti Mazzi Red Symphony

Visconti Mazzi Red Symphony

I wouldn’t repurchase this one. It was an impulse purchase because I was buying the Blue Symphony. I thought it would be cool to own both. But I shouldn’t have gotten it at the discounted secondhand price. I definitely wouldn’t get it at full price.

7. Retro 51 Tornado Apollo 11 Rollerball

Retro 51 Apollo 11

Yeah, I would repurchase this one. When I decided to sell the fountain pen version, I was very happy I had the rollerball version. Given the chance to do it again, I would only buy the rollerball version. I love the footprint on the finial, and it’s nice having a commemorative edition.

8. Den’s Pens Baetylus Amethyst Matte

Baetylus Matte

This one is a bit of a cheat, as it wasn’t “released,” it was a custom order. But, I put it on my wishlist right when the model was debuted, so that counts, right? Anyway, Dennis was a delight to work with. This pen is fabulous and is comfortable to use, even for longer writing sessions. There’s no question I would buy this again.

9. Pilot Custom 745 Pinstripe

Pilot Custom 745 Pinstripe

I can’t truly say if I would repurchase this one. I bought it secondhand, and I don’t know what full price was. That said, under the assumption that the purchase price was what I paid, I would definitely buy it. The nib is fantastic. The only change I would make is buying a thinner nib — this one is a B. If you come across one in the wild, I advise picking it up.

10. Visconti Il Magnifico Lapislazzuli

Visconti Medici Il Magnifico Lapislazzuli

This one is also a bit of a cheat. I didn’t technically buy this one, I traded work for it. But, just look at this beauty. If I had the opportunity to trade work for it again, I absolutely would. However, I wouldn’t purchase it. It’s too expensive for me to comfortably buy it. I’d feel guilty about spending that much money.

Thanks for reading to the end! What do you think of my reasoning? Do you own any of these pens? If so, would you buy them again? Let me know in the comments! I’d love to hear from you.

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