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Update on my Lume Review

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Nearly five years ago, I published a review of Lume deoderant. And, to be honest, I’d mostly forgotten about it. But, for some reason, that review has seen a significant increase in views and comments in the last few weeks. So, I figure I should share an update that I can link to from the original.

The main change? I’ve stopped using Lume. I don’t remember exactly when I stopped, but my last order was in July of 2022, so I imagine it was sometime in early 2023.

Over time, I found that Lume just didn’t work well if I wore clothes made from synthetic materials. I could spend an entire day inside, doing virtually nothing, and still smell bad at the end of the day if I wore synthetic fabrics.

I tried to look for clothing with natural materials, but those tend to be significantly more expensive, especially for work clothes. While I could, technically, afford it, my weight was fluctuating, and I didn’t want to spend much on clothes that I may or may not be able to wear for very long.

What I Switched To

When I first stoped using Lume, I switched to Dove deoderant with a high mosturizer content. But, there was still my initial problem with traditional deoderants: no matter how much I scrubbed in the shower, it still felt like there was a residue. I felt like I was back at square one.

I found my answer when Angelica Nyqvist shared her issues with American deoderants in one of her videos. She left a link to the roll-on deoderants that are more popular in Sweden — according to her.

And those are what I’m currently using. They’re great for odor control, wash off well, and dry completely — no need to worry about white residue on your clothes. Granted, it does take a minute or two to dry, but I’ll deal with it.

Best of all, it doesn’t matter what type of fabric I wear.

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