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An Unsponsored HelloFresh Review

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DISCLAIMER: I want to start with an acknowledgement that I’m vaguely aware of HelloFresh’s promise that produce goes from farm to your front door in 7 days. And they have a program to help needy families. However, I haven’t done any research into either. With this post, I’m trying to share my thoughts on the experience of heaving a HelloFresh subscription. Neither of the two aforementioned items factor into my experience of subscribing to HelloFresh.

If you watch YouTube at all, you’ve likely seen an ad or sponsored post on HelloFresh. After a million and one ads, I finally gave into curiosity and gave HelloFresh a try. Having done so, I want to share an unsponsored review. There are some heavily promoted points that just aren’t true. And there are some things worth knowing that don’t get discussed at all.

Revisiting Encanto

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I’ve intended to write this post for months. But, every time I’ve put it on my blog schedule, I move it. However, with tomorrow being the 1-year anniversary of my Encanto post, it felt like a “now-or-never” kind of thing.

So, here I am, revisiting Encanto. For the most part, my review was positive. Where I came down a bit hard on Disney was the music. Since then, though, my opinion on the music has changed, and I was wrong.

Provocateur Images – Passionate Photography

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A few years ago, I took advantage of a Groupon deal to try out a boudoir shoot. I wanted to improve my self-confidence and thought that seeing myself through someone else’s eyes might help. It was a nice experience, and it did what I’d hoped. We still have some of those photos on the wall in our bedroom.

That shoot led me to research boudoir photographers on Instagram, which is how I found Trevor of Provocateur Images. His posts caught my eye. They’re gorgeous! I especially liked seeing that he’s size-inclusive and LGBTQIA+ friendly. And, while it didn’t apply to me, he takes great couples shots.

But, he’s in Toronto. A bit far to travel for a photo shoot. Jim, though, came up with a fabulous idea to combine a trip for the photo shoot with a trip for Scriptus. Brilliant man.

So, we booked a trip for October 2020. And then the world exploded. Thankfully, Trevor allowed me to put my shoot on hold until things got back to normal.

Kencko, Too Good to be True?

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For transparency, this review is completely unsponsored and unaffiliated with Kencko. But, if they wanted to sponsor me, this is one brand I’d happily partner with. That said, every Kencko member gets a referral link. If you use mine, you get $20 off your first box, and I get $20 off my next order. Neat, right?

A few months ago, I got inundated with Kencko ads that made me curious. After all, I don’t eat enough fruits and veggies. But it seemed too good to be true — easy, tasty fruits and veggies. After getting hounded with enough ads — that seem to have completely disappeared now — I decided to give Kencko a try.

My First KiwiCo Experience

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Since I first watched one of Mark Rober’s glitter bomb videos, I’ve wished I could develop interesting things like that. However, with a background in arts, engineering is rather intimidating. When Mark first announced his engineering class, I desperately wanted to join, but wasn’t certain I’d be able to keep up.

But, then I started seeing ads for KiwiCo. It seemed like it would be a good way to dip my toes in engineering. Perhaps it would also give me the confidence to try Mark’s class. I took a while to make up my mind, but I finally took the plunge a few weeks ago and ordered the Eureka Crate.

Encanto, New and Different

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Jim and I braved a theater to see Encanto last weekend. With the wide aisles (for the reclining seats) and people choosing not to sit next to each other, it wasn’t as bad as we’d feared.

The Short – Far From the Tree

The short had me smiling the moment it started. It was done in 2D (hand drawn) style. I say style because I’m assuming that, like South Park, it was all digital, but stylized to look hand drawn.

Regardless, it was beautiful, sweet, and the message was great. I think this is the first time that the message from the short so closely resembled the message from the main movie.

Onward, Frozen’s Brother

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While on the flight home from vacation, I finally got around to watching Onward. After the fiasco that was Soul, I’d been wary of watching Onward. However, I needn’t have worried.

Onward was fun. The adventure held a much nicer surface message than Soul: “you are enough” with a side of “there is more to you than you realize.” Ian, who feels like an outcast, learns just how much he’s capable of as the movie progresses. He also realizes just how much he already has.

FOREO, A Solution to My Mascne

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When we first had to wear masks, I used an N95 cup mask we had left over. I didn’t have a problem with mascne with that mask, since it barely touched my face. It wasn’t very comfortable, though. When I had to replace it — the elastic broke — I eventually settled on a KF94 mask for its comfort.

LG airwasher black particle mask kf94
I highly suggest this mask. It’s comfortable and keeps the mask off your nose and mouth.

Chocolate Mini Reviews

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Well, this is the last 2021 DC Pen Show post. I’ve milked it for all it’s worth. But, it’s been fun taking a more in-depth look at my haul. I haven’t really done that before.

Brandon Lee of Modern Chocolatier is a bit of a fixture at the DC Pen Show, typically seen next to Ryan Krusac‘s table. This year, however, he was up near the entrance, which made it easier to make multiple visits.

Brandon had 20 flavors with him, and I ended up getting all but 2 — Curry Lime and Habanero.

My DC Pen Show chocolate haul
I always forget to take photos of chocolates. I’m too eager to eat them. There are actually six not pictured, we’d already finished the fifth box of 4.

While it will be a year (assuming COVID stop the world again) before I can have more, I’d like to share my thoughts on the various flavors. And it will serve as a good reminder for me to get my favorites next year.

An Epic Odyssey

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After playing through Assassin’s Creed Syndicate (2015), I gave myself a little breather, then gleefully dove into Odyssey (2018). I decided to start a new game plus (see below), one of the many awesome features introduced in Odyssey. For the record, at the time of writing, I’ve logged just over 51 hours of playtime — for this play through — at the easiest setting on my PlayStation 4. Everything that follows is based on that experience.

NOTE: This post is LONG, even for me. A real Odyssey, just like the game. I’ve done my best to give it descriptive subheads so you can scroll through it and read the bits that interest you, if you want. And I’ve added lots of photos to break up the text some. I wanted to do, and I feel I have done, this game, and my recent Assassin’s Creed review series, justice. I have one more post planned, then likely won’t write about Assassin’s Creed again until the next game is announced.

Replaying an Old Favorite

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In the past, whenever I try to go back and play previous Assassin’s Creed games, I find myself disappointed. Usually, the improvements in newer games, both in mechanics and technology, make older games feel dated and clunky.

However, after my poor response to Valhalla, I decided to seize a small silver lining and replay the older titles that I’d enjoyed. My original thought was to replay Odyssey (2018). However, with how much I’d enjoyed Syndicate (2015), I decided to try going back to it. Be aware, there are likely spoilers in this post, but if you haven’t played it in 5 years, I don’t think you’ll mind spoilers.

My Thoughts on Soul

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I finally got around to watching Soul a couple of weeks ago. I’d heard and read so many good things about it. Such universal praise made me eager to finally experience it for myself.

First of all, this isn’t a typical review. OK, now that that’s out of the way, let’s jump in.

I certainly agree with some of what I’d read. It’s definitely a more mature story; Soul doesn’t feel at all like a children’s movie. The story itself, it’s arc, and bare bones is well-written. The animation and character design are impeccable. The color palettes both for the characters and for the different “realms” were well nuanced.

AC Valhalla: Post Updates

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Before I start, if you have not read my previous posts on the game and the marketing, I highly suggest you do so, otherwise this post will likely make little sense.

I wasn’t planning to write anything else about Assassin’s Creed Valhalla after ripping the game and the marketing to shreds. However, I have information updates for both posts. Rather than update the posts themselves, where no one will ever see the information, I’m writing this post.

Ubisoft, Market Your Female Protagonists!

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This is my second, and final, negative post about Assassin’s Creed Valhalla (ACV).

For those completely unfamiliar with the game, ACV gives you the option to play either:

  • entirely as a female version of Eivor,
  • entirely as a male version of Eivor,
  • or let the animus (the device in the game universe that lets you relive past memories) decide.

The Animus choice is the default. It means you play as a female Eivor through most of the game, only playing as male during “potion”-induced visions.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Why Are Reviewers Lying?

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I’ve played every major Assassin’s Creed (AC) release, and none have annoyed and disappointed me more than the newest release, Valhalla. Nope, not even the infamous Unity was as bad in my opinion.

For the record, at the time of writing, I’ve logged 46 hours of playtime at the easiest setting on my PlayStation 4. Everything that follows is based on that experience.

My biggest disappointment, and anger inducing issue, is the crashing problem. Valhalla has crashed 8 times so far. That’s less than 6 hours of gameplay per crash. And based on comments on Reddit, I’m one of the lucky ones that isn’t experiencing much crashing. Keep in mind, people paid a minimum of $60 for this game.

Review – Harry Potter Chibi Playing Cards

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I received the absolutely adorable chibi playing cards from a friend for Christmas. As I like card games, and I adore Harry Potter, it was certainly a welcome gift. Before I dive into my review, I would like to point out that my thoughts on the cards in no way diminishes my opinion of the thought put into the gift. I appreciate and love it all the same.

The Box

Harry Potter Chibi Deck Box

The box is fabulous. The box features elements of the Daily Prophet, a hint of the card designs, the Hogwarts crest, and points out that the cards are officially licensed. Keep that in mind. These aren’t just thrown together by someone wanting to make some money.

What No One is Telling You About Menstrual Cups

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Let’s start with the obvious, I’m going to be talking about periods and ways to deal with them. If this bothers you, stop reading now. However, if you have to deal with having a period, I highly suggest you read this, because it could make a major positive impact on your life.

Also, you might want to grab a snack, this is going to be long. As ever with my ultra-long posts, I’m going to help you jump to the info you’re interested in. Keep in mind, the links only work when you’re actually on the article page.

I should probably also mention, just for clarity, that this post is not sponsored in any way. It’s all my honest thoughts and opinions, no external influences.

Content Links

Some Background

I’ve known about menstrual cups for a while. And, to be honest, the idea grossed me out. I’m well aware that periods are normal bodily functions and nothing to be bothered by, but that doesn’t keep me from being grossed out at bleeding for a week and feeling dirty because of it.

Why I Ordered One

My cycle has always been irregular. Like 1-3 times a year irregular. Yes, I’ve been to doctors for it. There doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with me. Honestly, I’ve been grateful because it’s one less thing to worry about—one part of the female tax I can avoid.