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Sometimes You Need a Rant

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I’ve said before that I tend to read “easy reads” that I can get lost in, specifically books without much conflict or angst. However, I also read non-fiction occasionally, usually history based.

I especially enjoy books that examine historical expectations, lifestyles, and often-overlooked details like Unmentionable and Corsets & Codpieces. They can really help understand the nuances of historical literature and provide supplementary information to better understand documentaries. When done well, historical non-fiction can be interesting and a fun way to learn more. But, they can also go horribly wrong

Fountain Pen Cosplay

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If you’re a member of Goulet Nation, or if you follow me on Instagram, there’s a good chance you know about my Makeup Monday posts. On any Monday that I have the time to do so, I match my makeup to a pen. Usually a pen I own, occasionally a pen I want, sometimes one of NibsAndFlourishes beautiful photos.

At some point, someone on Goulet Nation called it fountain pen cosplay. While I still wish people a happy Makeup Monday, I tend to think of the matching by that term. Over the years that I’ve been “cosplaying” as fountain pens, I can’t count the number of times someone has requested that I teach a class or write a post. So, I’m finally doing so. Having said that, I’ve tried to write this post so many times. Never have I started a post as many times as I have this one. But, I think I’ve got it figured out now.

Be aware, this post is really long. I’ve added links so you can pop straight down to any section that interests you if you don’t want to read the whole thing.

Genetic Testing for Mental Health

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I’ve written about mental health a few times now, generally to share information I’ve recently learned. This post only differs from those in that I haven’t recently learned about genetic testing for mental health.

Jim credits the genetic test he took about 9 years ago with changing his life. The one I took about 2.5 years ago wasn’t quite as influential, but it saved me from the medication equivalent of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

Neither Jim nor I have done much research recently on the genetic tests we took. So, I won’t attempt to give you much in the way of up-to-date information. Instead, I want to tell you about what we each got out of taking the tests. I hope this gives you enough information to be able to talk to your doctor about getting a test done, especially if your current treatment isn’t getting you the results you want.

Why I Took a Break

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There’s a small chance you noticed that I didn’t post much last month. The few posts I shared at the beginning of April were pre-written.

On March 29, my first cat, Sandy, died unexpectedly at the vet during a drop-off appointment for a very routine blood sugar monitor application. He was my little old man, my Sandman, my Colonel Sanders. Needless to say, I wasn’t really feeling like myself.

I know a lot of people are against others sharing tragedies, but every time I tell the story, it gets a little easier. I’ve been finding it’s true that a burden shared is a burden halved.

A Break and A Favor

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I questioned writing this post because it seemed a bit over the top. But, this is my blog, and I can write about whatever I want.

Also, I could use a chance to write something easy. The recent Athena posts have been exhausting. The posts about her illness and FIP, especially, each required hours of research to turn veterinary and diagnostic reports into something understandable.

Provocateur Images – Passionate Photography

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A few years ago, I took advantage of a Groupon deal to try out a boudoir shoot. I wanted to improve my self-confidence and thought that seeing myself through someone else’s eyes might help. It was a nice experience, and it did what I’d hoped. We still have some of those photos on the wall in our bedroom.

That shoot led me to research boudoir photographers on Instagram, which is how I found Trevor of Provocateur Images. His posts caught my eye. They’re gorgeous! I especially liked seeing that he’s size-inclusive and LGBTQIA+ friendly. And, while it didn’t apply to me, he takes great couples shots.

But, he’s in Toronto. A bit far to travel for a photo shoot. Jim, though, came up with a fabulous idea to combine a trip for the photo shoot with a trip for Scriptus. Brilliant man.

So, we booked a trip for October 2020. And then the world exploded. Thankfully, Trevor allowed me to put my shoot on hold until things got back to normal.

It’s An ADHD Thing?!

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At roughly a year since I first sought help for a resurgence of ADHD symptoms, I’ve learned a lot, especially from meme accounts on Instagram. One of the big things I’ve learned about fairly recently is that sharing a personal story to relate to something someone has said isn’t something everyone does! I legitimately never noticed that I could be somewhat unusual in that.

Twitter post: When people with ADHD bring personal anecdotes into conversations, we aren't trying to "make everything about us." We just listen to what you're saying and get excited by the instant connections we're making to things we've experienced
Just one example, of many, posts I’ve come across regarding ADHD’ers sharing personal anecdotes.

Slowing the Shopping

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If you read my ADHD post, you know I have troubles with purchasing things. As it seemed that at least some of you found that post helpful, I’d like to share one of my biggest weapons in managing my shopping impulses, especially with Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and holiday shopping coming up.

For me, the most helpful thing has been what I call anti-shoping mantras. These short phrases and questions let me pause my thinking long enought to reconsider what I’m doing. This extra moment is often enough to allow me to stop myself.

My AD(H)D Journey

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I found your interest in a post about my AD(H)D journey surprising. I included it as a possible topic in my request for help only because I’d recently experienced a lot of new symptoms. I never expected it to be in the top 5 most requested.

I’m going to shorten “ADD/ADHD” as AD(H)D. I’m not an expert on either “variation” of the condition, so I don’t want to imply that what I’ve dealt with or information I’ve found is specific to one or other. Also, some medical professionals are now using ADHD as an umbrella term to to cover hyperactive type (previously referred to as ADHD), inattentive type (previously referred to as ADD), and combined type (also referred to as ADHD).

5-year anniversary

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It’s hard to believe it’s been five years since I started this blog. I originally considered writing some great retrospective with a side of holy crap, I kept this going for 5 freakin’ years!! But, then I found a tag to do instead. While I haven’t posted consistently for the full 5 years, I am pretty happy that I’ve stuck with it this long. Here’s to another 5!

This post is inspired by Angelica Nyqvist‘s video Well This Has Been Quite The Journey…. In that video, she credits Erica Conger and notyourbasicsteph with coming up with the idea.

London Relaxation

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A few weeks ago, Jim and I were finally in London for vacation. Let me tell, you, missing out on vacations because of COVID sucks. This vacation, however, was unlike any other I’ve taken as an adult. Going back to London for the fourth time, and knowing that we’ll be back again, removed all pressures to see and do everything.

Instead of my typical approach of planning something each day, we made plans for every other day. The extra time in the evenings and “off” days let us really relax.

British Museum

The British Museum was our first scheduled activity. The architecture was surprisingly contrasting, and the sections we walked through were fascinating.

A Makeup Journey

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Back in the early days of my blog, I wrote a review of Surreal Makeup. In it, I was very clear that I didn’t wear makeup very often. Four years later, that has changed completely.

I wear makeup virtually every day now. I’ve long-since discovered the joy of decorating my face with colors. I look at makeup as clothing for my face. I put it on in the morning, take it off in the evening, and use it to show off my personality.

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I take inspiration for my looks from all over: nature, pens, photos, etc.

A Cheat Code for Self-Love

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As it is for many, my journey to self-love has been long, with many walls and speed bumps along the way. I also still have a long way to go to love and accept my own body the way I do others’.

Somewhere along the way, though, I discovered my own, personal cheat code: decorations.

My first tattoo was on my hip. At the time, I wasn’t super fond of the area. But, after my tattoo had healed, it was like it’d flipped a switch. How could it be anything but fabulous when I had such a cool tattoo?

Granted, this is more something I realized in hindsight. At the time, I was so excited to finally have a tattoo that I didn’t pay any attention to how I felt about my hip. After all, there were, unfortunately, plenty of other areas I disliked back then.

Making Life Colorful

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I’ve wanted to paint my stair risers in a rainbow for about a year now, and for the last 4-5 months, I’ve been thinking of painting the kitchen cabinets as well.

With our financial situation back in hand by the end of March, we went out to choose and buy paint. I’ve been industrially painting ever since.

Now that I’m done, I’m delighted with the results. It’s almost hard to believe we had a bland kitchen for so long.

I Learned to Drive Stick Shift

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Some of you may know that I used to be terrified of driving. I didn’t get my license until a couple of months after my 29th birthday. And learning to drive really only diminished my fear, it didn’t eliminate it. In the intervening nearly 4 years, I’ve hardly driven at all. In fact, I didn’t drive on the road at all until December of last year.

That’s because we only have one car, and it has a manual transmission. Jim tried, right after I got my license, to teach me to drive stick. But, he’d driven stick for long long that it was all muscle memory for him. He had trouble explaining to me what to do. And he loves his car so much that it freaked him out when I keep stalling it out.

2020’s Silver Linings

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Despite everything that has happened recently, and my last post, I still want to share this, because it holds true. Here’s hoping there are more, and larger silver linings to 2021.

So, 2020 is finally over, after an indeterminate number of years. There’s no denying that it was a terrible year for many. Or that it was a year unlike any ever seen. And, in some ways, it’s not over yet. We’re still dealing wtih most of the biggest issues of the past year.

However, among the plentiful negatives, for me at least, there were little nuggets of positive that keeps 2020 from being an unmentionable black mark in the past. I’d like to take a post to look back on the positive silver linings of 2020 as an uplifting start to 2021.

#1 & #2: It’s a Tie

My top two items tie for first: adopting our kittens and Bumbledore’s improvement.