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Month: March 2024

Pen Porn: Stanford Pen Studio Little Women

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Disclaimer: I take no responsibility for pen envy or impulse purchases resulting from viewing this post.

Per usual, you can click on the images to view them larger. I do my best to provide you with high-quality pen porn. 😉

Short Story Time

I had an incredibly difficult time putting this post together. I desperately wanted to do the pen, and the book, justice. If you’ve been following my blog for long enough, you may know how much Little Women means to me. But, if you haven’t, suffice to say that it was a favorite of both my mom and I, which has earned it a special place in my heart.

Part of why I requested this commission from Stanford Pen Studio was as a reminder of all the good times my mom and I had related to Little Women. I knew Hanna would do it justice since she did such an amazing job with my Pride and Prejudice pen.

Stanford Pen Studio x Hanna Farmer Little Women

Sometimes You Need a Rant

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I’ve said before that I tend to read “easy reads” that I can get lost in, specifically books without much conflict or angst. However, I also read non-fiction occasionally, usually history based.

I especially enjoy books that examine historical expectations, lifestyles, and often-overlooked details like Unmentionable and Corsets & Codpieces. They can really help understand the nuances of historical literature and provide supplementary information to better understand documentaries. When done well, historical non-fiction can be interesting and a fun way to learn more. But, they can also go horribly wrong

Review – No Less Than Any Other

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No Less Than Any Other

by MJ Stratton

Book Cover: No Less Than Any Other

Genres: Historical Regency Fiction, Historical Fiction, Romance
Release Date: February 5, 2024
Pages: 235
Purchase from: Amazon
My Rating: ★★★★★

Elizabeth Bennet is not the son and heir her mother wished, much to Mrs. Bennet’s despair. But all was not lost, for soon after her second daughter’s birth, Mrs. Bennet delivered a son. Tom Bennet, born just minutes after his sister, was their family’s savior from the moment he took his first breath.

Tom Bennet’s peculiar nature soon sets him apart from others around him. His striking intelligence, key in aiding his family, paired with his many oddities leaves those around him with many differing opinions. None, though, are more dedicated to his well-being than his twin sister Elizabeth.

The closer to reaching their majority the twins get, the more frantic Mrs. Bennet is, for should anything befall Tom, her hopes and security will be dashed. She is determined that her girls must marry wealthy, eligible men as an extra precaution. When Netherfield Park is let at last and is filled with eligible men, Mrs. Bennet sees her chance to ensnare at least one wealthy man for her daughters. But will the rumors of heartless neighbors prevent the new tenants from forming any serious designs on any of the Bennet daughters?

No Less Than Any Other is a sweet and clean Pride and Prejudice variation.

New Resource Page

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This post is a bit different for me. I’ve seen multiple other bloggers share fountain pen resources, and I’ve decided to do something similar. I’ve found it highly useful when there is a repository of good information somewhere.

To that end, I’ve created a new blog page: Stationery Resources with links to sources I’ve found useful in the past, that I read sporadically, or that I currently subscribe to. I’ve previously linked to many of the resources I’ve included.

Even More Indie Makers

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It’s time again to feature new-to-me indie pen makers. Approximately once a year, I post an update to my permanent reference post on Indie Pen Makers. I bookmark new makers on Instagram throughout the year and share them here. This is my third update so far. These update posts are meant to let new-to-me pen makers have their time in the spotlight, and allow you to know who is “new.”

Every time I publish a new post about indie makers, I update the reference page, adding new makers, and removing any who have left the field or no longer meet the qualifications listed below. Keep in mind, I have not purchased a pen from most of these makers, so consider this an informational list, not an endorsement.