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Making Life Colorful

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I’ve wanted to paint my stair risers in a rainbow for about a year now, and for the last 4-5 months, I’ve been thinking of painting the kitchen cabinets as well.

With our financial situation back in hand by the end of March, we went out to choose and buy paint. I’ve been industrially painting ever since.

Now that I’m done, I’m delighted with the results. It’s almost hard to believe we had a bland kitchen for so long.

I chose the colors based on popular colors in Mexico, but tempered some to look good together and not be overwhelming.

Then we chose the additional colors necessary to complete my stair rainbow.

Animated GIF showing progression of painting.

My dad had a particularly apt saying: “All stairs lead to the kitchen.” And isn’t that the truth. The stair colors tie into the kitchen colors and emphasize the kitchen as the heart of hour home.

Lower stairs unpaintedLower stairs painted
The Lower Stairs
Upper Stairs Unpainted
The upper stairs leading from the front door to the kitchen.

I made sure to reuse material as much as possible, saving tape and washing paint rollers so my work wasn’t too wasteful. Overall, I’m well-satisfied and will enjoy the colors for years to come.

Even better, Jim really likes it as well. It’s so nice to really make the house “our” home — to make it represent us.


  1. Catherine

    Wow, Beautiful. Changes the look completely. Love it

    June 1, 2021

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