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Month: February 2024

Ink Battle: Colorverse and Colorverse

Posted in Ink

This ink battle is between Colorverse Monkeyhead Nebula and Colorverse Mystic Mountain. In the first battle, both inks are in pens with a medium Jowo nib. In the second, they are in a TWSBI 580 with a fine nib. Both battles are fought on white Rhodia Goalbook paper.

For this particular Ink Battle, I’m comparing two ink samples, trying to decide which to purchase. Monkeyhead Nebula and Mystic Mountain are both desaturated blues with rose gold shimmer.

Unfortunately, because I’m working from samples for both inks, the shimmer distribution is lacking. It’s nearly impossible to see the shimmer in the first battle, and difficult in the second. But, looking for silver linings, it means I can truly compare the ink colors.

You can find all of the ink battles posts on the tag page.

Stationery Ecosystem

Posted in Stationery

A few days ago, I finally got caught up on the Gourmet Pens Club podcast. And can I just say, if you haven’t listened to it yet, what are you doing? I don’t even like podcasts and I love the Gourmet Pens Club.

Anyway, the Paper Talk episode from 1/15/24 was especially entertaining with Azizah’s description of Candace’s collection as a solar system. The description sounds like it fits perfectly.