Bumbledore: A Continuous Joy

Two years ago, we adopted our rescue cat, Bumbledore. Last year, I shared his story, including how far he’d come, especially since the start of pandemic telework. Now, another year later, he’s continued to improve by leaps and bounds.

Any of you who follow me on Instagram already know he’s become a cuddle monster. Every morning, he sits on my lap anywhere from 10-30 minutes, just enjoying my company and some pets. I make sure to post a photo to my story each day. I often joke that Bumbledore pays rent through cuddles and social media content.

He requests cuddle time several times a day as well, sitting by my chair and meowing at me, or pawing at my legs. I believe his current record is 10 times in one work day. And he adores game time. He’ll quite happily sit on my lap for an hour or more while I play video games.

Somewhere in his transition to lap cat, we adopted the kittenses. While it wasn’t instant friendship, he’s always gotten along better with them than Sandy has. About nine months on, now, he has clearly accepted them, and been accepted, as part of the family. They all nose, bonk, sniff, and lick each other regularly.

Something about the kittenses has also turned him into Alpha Cat. He won’t put up with Sandy pouncing on him anymore. He took over the giant pillow bed we laid out, and no one dares join him while he’s on it. His Majesty even controls access to the half wall overlooking our front room — which we call the “up.” Sometimes he’ll allow the kittenses to join him, others he’ll express his displeasure with a sharp keow! and push them off.

He seems to be having a second hittenhood; he’s more active — resulting in some needed weight loss — and playful. His personality has adjusted accordingly, too. He’s more vocal, and, in my opinion, more demanding of affection. Entitled might be a good way to describe him now.

Mr. Bumbledore has also developed an adorable smirk when he’s very happy. Jim and I swear we even saw a full, toothy grin the other day when I gave him his favorite scritchies.

The smallest change is his fearfulness of people. He doesn’t hide in the basement corner or under a chair anymore, but he does go hang out on one of the basement sofas. Granted, we haven’t exactly had a lot of people over to get him more used to them. Hopefully that will come with time. He will, however, come upstairs to eat, as long as the person visiting has been here a few times before. So there’s still hope.

I don’t know where Bumbledore’s rehabilitation journey will take him next. Every time we think he’s improved as much as he’s going to, he makes another breakthrough. He continues to amaze and inspire me. I’m so proud of that little furball and how he’s grabbed his new life with all four paws and his teeth.

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