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Ink Dupes #13: Noodler’s and Organics Studio

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Last updated on February 11, 2022

How many royal blue fountain pen inks are there? I think I own 6 or 7 myself. Bert’s Blue (an exclusive for Bertram’s Inkwell) is sold out, and Tyler of Organics Studio has mentioned that he can’t find the recipe. So, for the time being, that ink is discontinued. Maybe in the future it will be available again. Sadly, I couldn’t find a review for Bert’s Blue, so you’ll have to do without.

The Inks

Noodler’s Liberty’s Elysium
Price: ~$12.50 USD
Bottle Size: 88.7ml (3oz)
Price Per Ml: $0.14
Availability: Goulet Pens Exclusive
Organics Studio Bert’s Blue
Price: ~$13 USD
Bottle Size: 55ml
Price Per Ml: $0.22
Availability: Discontinued
Comparison swatches and chromatography strips for Noodler's Liberty's Elysium and Organics Studio Bert's Blue

If you have any suggestions for future comparisons, let me know in the comments. And check out my other Ink Dupes posts.

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