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Ink Dupes #3: Robert Oster and Diamine

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When prepping this Ink Dupe, I discovered you can’t just leave the chromatography strips sitting and forget about them. The spreading goes too far. But, since it was an interesting accident, I included the original strips as well as the “proper” strips. I’m sure you can tell which is which.

The Inks

Robert Oster NG Special ’16
Price: ~$17 USD
Bottle Size: 50ml
Price Per Ml: $0.34
Availability: Readily available
Diamine Golden Honey
Price: ~$16 USD
Bottle Size: 40ml
Price Per Ml: $0.40
Availability: Readily available

Comparison swatches and chromatography strips for Robert Oster NG Special '16 and Diamine Golden Honey

If you have any suggestions for future comparisons, let me know in the comments.  And check out my other Ink Dupes posts.

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