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Ink Dupes #4: Diamine and Montblanc

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This is my second Diamine vs Montblanc, and I have to say Montblanc is seriously disappointing. For the price, I would expect SIGNIFICANTLY different colors. These two are so similar I can’t help but wonder if UNICEF blue is just rebottled Aqua Blue.

The Inks

Diamine Aqua Blue
Price: ~$15 USD
Bottle Size: 80ml
Price Per Ml: $0.19
Availability: Readily available
Montblanc UNICEF Blue
Price: ~$40 USD
Bottle Size: 50ml
Price Per Ml: $0.80
Availability: Discontinued
Comparative ink swabs, writing samples, and chromatography strips for Diamine Aqua Blue and Montblanc UNICEF Blue.

If you have any suggestions for future comparisons, let me know in the comments. And check out my other Ink Dupes posts.

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