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Meet Damien Delanciennes

Posted in Exalted Bloodlines

Damien Delanciennes
Portrait of Damien by artist Kyle McGill

Welcome to my third character interview. This time you’re meeting Damien Delanciennes (DD), older brother of Selene who you met earlier and eldest child of Donovan and Selini Delanciennes.

I was, once again, invited to the Delanciennes’ house, but this time I was treated to some time in the gardens. They actually have a hedge maze, how cool is that?

I hope you enjoy getting to know Damien a bit better.

RdlF: Damien, thank you for taking time to talk to me. I’m sure you must have a lot on your plate with a double major.

DD: It is not so bad. There is less work between midterms and finals.

RdlF: Remind me of your majors.

DD: International Relations and Diplomacy, and International Business.

RdlF: With an international focus, I’m assuming learning foreign languages is highly encouraged.

DD: Yes of course. It is surprising, however, that I was only required to study one foreign language.

RdlF: Yeah, that is a little surprising. But you already speak five languages, so I doubt you’ll find yourself at a disadvantage.

DD: Yes, you have a point.

RdlF: Moving away from school, what are your favorite hobbies?

DD: I play video games, and I read quite a bit. My whole family is fond of reading. I also enjoy physical exercise, especially martial arts and swordplay.

RdlF: That’s an interesting, and eclectic, set of hobbies. What’s your favorite genre to read?

DD: [blushing quite profusely] *mumbles*

RdlF: That’s a little unexpected, but nothing to be embarrassed about. So many different people read all sorts of different genres now.

DD: [clearing his throat] I suppose you have a point. Most of my family find it rather hilarious.

RdlF: Speaking of family, your sister’s Grand Coming Out is approaching. Have you been any part of the planning?

DD: Not really. Selene has always gotten along best with Demetrius, so I believe the plan at the moment is for him to be her escort, although there is always a chance she may be seeing someone by then. There really is not much for me to do with the planning. My mother and sisters have it under control. I am, of course, more than happy to help if they should require my assistance.

RdlF: Which of your siblings are you closest to?

DD: I try not to play favorites.

RdlF: No, of course not. That wasn’t what I was implying at all. You mentioned that Selene gets along best with Demetrius, I’m just wondering if you get along best with one of your siblings.

DD: I understand. I suppose I am a little closer to Eziano. He shares my taste in attire whereas the rest of my siblings do not, so we have that to bond us.

RdlF: And he’s your youngest sibling, right?

DD: Yes.

RdlF: It’s nice that they two of you can share that. It’s always fun to share a passion or interest with someone else. Is there anything that you really geek out about?

DD: Not really. I tend to have varied, but shallow interests, rather than diving deep into anything in particular. My sisters swear it is simply that I have not yet found the right thing.

RdlF: That’s possible. But having a wide range of interests isn’t a bad thing.

DD: No, it is not.

RdlF: I’d like to ask you a few more personal questions, to really give people an insight into your personality.

DD: Very well.

RdlF: Do you tend to get along better with men or women?

DD: I tend to stick to men. Women have a difficult time getting past my appearance.

RdlF: I can’t really blame them on that. You are a very attractive man.

DD: Thank you.

RdlF: What do you like most about yourself?

DD: My eyes. I believe they are an appealing shade of blue.

RdlF: You aren’t wrong. They’re very nice. Is there anything about yourself you would change?

DD: I have never been asked that before. [thinking] Sometimes I wish I was smarter. There are times that my siblings grasp concepts before I do.

RdlF: Perhaps your intelligence just lies in different areas.

DD: That is possible, but I would still wish to be smarter in general, then.

RdlF: Fair enough. Are you a dog person or a cat person?

DD: A snake person, actually. I find them absolutely adorable.

RdlF: That’s different. I’m rather fond of snakes as well. I really like vine snakes and corn snakes.

DD: I have a fondness for albino pythons.

RdlF: They’re beautiful. I couldn’t handle feeding them, though. Rodents are too cute to sacrifice. That’s why I prefer the smaller snakes that eat bugs.

DD: Understandable.

RdlF: What’s your favorite color?

DD: I greatly enjoy emerald green.

RdlF: Snakes and green? Are you a Slytherin?

DD: I do not know. But I believe my sister Alyssa considers herself a Hufflepuff.

RdlF: She’s the Potterhead, huh?

DD: Yes, very much so.

RdlF: I don’t want to eat up too much of your time, but I have one last question. What’s your favorite smell?

DD: I have a particular fondness for chocolate chip cookies fresh from the oven.

RdlF: Good choice! Thank you so much for your time, Damien.

DD: You are most welcome.

I hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know Damien a little better.  If you want to know Damien’s favorite genre, sign up for my newsletter, I’ll be including the answer in the next issue. And if you want to know even more about Damien, make sure to pick up The Most Special Chosen when it’s released on March 3, 2018.

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