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My 200th Pen

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5 years, 8 months, and 19 days after buying my first fountain pen, I purchased pen number 199. Granted, I haven’t kept all of those pens. Between selling, gift, breakage, and loss, I currently own 121 pens, of which 110 are in regular use.

But, the main point is that my next purchase will be pen 200!! That’s huge, and deserves an appropriately special pen.

Because I wasn’t carefully cataloging my pens yet, I blew right past pens 50 and 100 — although, by sheer dumb luck, #50 was my first 18111 pen. And I didn’t think to save 150 for a special pen, so 200 has to be awesome.

18111 Ivy Pen
Pen number 50. She’s certainly gorgeous.

At the moment, I’m waiting to hear about the ARTUS Four Elements Fire pen that’s in the works. I’m fairly certain that will be my next purchase.

I have to admit, though, I’m finding it difficult ignoring other pens in the interim. I’ve been having fun with makeup to distract myself, but I don’t know how well that will work long-term. Indie makers keep showing off their awesome creations — as they should. I almost jumped on one from Rockster Pens the other day before I remembered why I’m not buying pens right now.

If nothing else, this is good practice for being thoughtful in my purchasing.


So…erm, I wrote this about a week and a half ago. And, in that time, ARTUS finished their Fire pen. I jumped on that so fast! It’s mine now. *giggle* There will be a post when it arrives.

With that said, how about you? Have you hit any pen milestones? Do you commemorate them with special pen purchases? Let me know in the comments.

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