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Review – Elizabeth Bennet: Heiress

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Elizabeth Bennet: Heiress

by Don H. Miller

Elizabeth Bennet: Heiress Cover

Genres: Pride and Prejudice Variation, Historical Romance, Regency, Romance
Release Date: February 4, 2021
Pages: 247
Purchase from: Amazon
My Rating: ★★★☆☆

This story takes up the lives of Darcy and Elizabeth and their family and friends soon after Bingley holds the ball at Netherfield Park. Mr. Bennet receives news that Mr. Collins has died, and, there being no other living male descendants of the grandparent who created the fee tail on Longbourn, Mr. Bennet may will Longbourn to the daughter of his choice. He chooses Elizabeth, with the full agreement of Jane, her elder sister. Thus, although the family fortune is not affected, Elizabeth’s personal standing is raised because she is now the heiress of a desirable estate. This story explores the effects this may have on Elizabeth’s life and her somewhat contentious relationship with Darcy.


The premise is interesting. I really wanted to love this book because the idea that one event could change so much is fascinating. Unfortunately, I don’t feel this is all that well written. There are three separate storylines in Elizabeth Bennet: Heiress (EBH), and they are obviously separate. I’ve read books where the various storylines are intricately woven together in such a way as to make the reader feel as though everything is interconnected and interdependent. EBH however, almost feels as though the author wrote three separate short stories, then tried to squash them together to make a full-length novel. 

While I enjoyed reading EBH, the inconsistencies in characterizations and spelling and grammar mistakes frequently pulled me out of the story. For example, early on, Mrs. Gardiner helps Elizabeth think through her relationships with Mr. Darcy and Mr. Wickham. Elizabeth is able to realize that Mr. Wickham has been far too forthcoming with his life story. However, not long after, she’s having intimate, and, frankly, inappropriate-to-the-era discussions with Mr. Darcy. The author also enjoys using incredibly long sentences without appropriate punctuation, and that’s saying something coming from me. I frequently had to re-read a sentence to make sure I understood what was written.

Because this book is free on Kindle Unlimited, if you have the service, I’ll say it’s a lighthearted read for an otherwise boring afternoon. However, I can’t recommend someone buy the book, as I think you’d be disappointed considering the $5 price tag.

About the Author

Don H. Miller was born and grew up in Iowa, went to the University of North Carolina where he received a degree in Mathematics, spent three years as a U.S. Navy officer, got a Ph.D. in Mathematical Statistics from the University of Chicago, spent three years as a college professor, and then spent the rest of his working career as a research scientist working in various fields including naval operations research, environmental impact analysis, and command, control and communications technology. He is now retired, served several years as his church’s website administrator, and enjoys RVing, golfing, and writing. He has written eighteen novels in the genre of Jane Austen fan fiction.

Author links: Goodreads | Amazon Author Page

Disclaimer: This review is based on an eBook I borrowed from Amazon on April 7, 2021 as part of the Kindle Unlimited program.

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