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Review – Renegade

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Last updated on April 3, 2019


by Sharonlee Holder

RenegadeSeries: Blood Of The Custodians, Book 2
Genres: Paranormal Romance
Release Date: May 28, 2018
Pages: 404
Purchase from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
My Rating: ★★★★★

As the war between the Fates and the resistance rages on, Colin Murphy—bastard son of Hades—finds himself caught between his loyalty to Eros and a past that threatens to destroy him.

Pursued by Persephone’s bounty hunters, and with a pissed-off daemon to contend with, there is one thing that Murphy knows for sure – Hailey, the human he now shares his mind and body with, is innocent in all of it. She is a firefly flickering in the darkness of his black existence, and he will do anything and everything to protect her.

Hailey was groomed to be a socialite, with her entire future mapped out for her. Nothing could have prepared her for the abrupt ending to that life—or the impact of living in such close, intimate confines with a forsaken son of Hell. He’s powerful, he’s dangerous…and he’s her only hope of escaping the dark forces that pursue her.

Boundaries will be tested, loyalties questioned, and hearts pushed to the limits in this action-packed paranormal romance that continues the epic Blood of the Custodians saga by Sharonlee Holder.



Another amazing entry in the Blood Of The Custodians series. Renegade made it hard for me to get anything else done. I just wanted to find out what happened next!

I’m a bit disappointed that we still don’t have an “official” connection between Murphy/Mayhem and Murphy’s Law. I want to know if it’s a real connection, or if Mayhem chose the name Murphy because he felt he embodied the law. It was immensely interesting to get a look at how Murphy/Mayhem’s brain works, including the various layers and hidden rooms.

Sharonlee gives us one interesting hint about Murphy/Mayhem’s past that I’d really like to know more about, including what it may mean for his “contract”, for lack of a better word, with Ares.

Valazhor was an unexpected addition, but a good chance to show that anyone can mess up, and anyone can be reedemed. Thuli and Caleb served similar purposes in my eyes, although I wish we would have seen more of them.

I’m torn on my opinion of Hailey as a character. She’s a perfect foil to Murphy/Mayhem, and exactly what he (they?) need at any given time. However, after finishing the book and ruminating on it a bit, I almost feel she’s too perfect.  She has a temper, but outside of that, she’s caring, compassionate, and understanding almost to a fault. But while I was reading Renegade that didn’t register, so make of it what you will.

I really appreciated the short preview of book three. I hope it comes out soon because I want to know everyone’s fates, and the fate of the world.

About the Author

Sharonlee HolderSouth African, born and bred, Sharonlee Holder lives in one of the outer suburbs of Johannesburg in Gauteng, South Africa.

Life is a happy and creative jumble of a husband, three grown daughters, one super cute grand-daughter, three dogs, a cat, and a mouthy African Grey parrot.

Endless hours at the keyboard are supported by copious amounts of frothy coffee and ‘What ifs?’. Writing breaks are a blend of the big outdoors astride a motorbike, reading or watching anything.

Author links: Website | Blog | Facebook | Goodreads | Instagram | Pinterest | Twitter | Amazon Author Page

Disclaimer: This review is based on a complimentary eBook I received from Lady Amber’s Reviews & PR. The complimentary receipt of this book has in no way affected my review or rating.

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  1. Sharonlee Holder
    Sharonlee Holder

    Huge appreciation for your reading time and the wonderful review! <3

    June 7, 2018

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