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Tag: 25 Days of Dupes 2019

Duping the Diamine Inkvent Calendar (25 Days of Dupes)

Posted in Fountain Pens

Don’t worry, I won’t be sharing spoilers today (or any day, technically).

When the Diamine Inkvent Calendar was first announced, I thought it was a cute idea, but didn’t plan to get it. As more and more photos and mentions of it appeared, I found myself experiencing FOMO to the highest degree. Eventually, coming across it in person at Bertram’s Inkwell, I decided to get one to satisfy my interest and curiosity.

I went home, and, initially, I planned to be good and open it in December like a proper advent calendar. But then I remembered that I won’t be available to open the inks during Christmas week. I considered opening it day-by-day in November instead, but ultimately decided to just open it up and swab them all one Saturday.