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Ink Faves by Color

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After taking the ink rainbow challenge, I started thinking about what my favorite ink(s) in each color are. I had to expand the color categories, and, even then, I have a couple of honorable mentions. Quick note: I worked through this post without reviewing my ink rainbow post, only comparing the two when I was done. There’s a bit of overlap.

In case you didn’t read the ink rainbow post and are wondering why I’m doing two such similar posts, the main difference is the selection criteria. For the ink rainbow post, I listed the first ink that came to mind. For this post, I’m sharing my favorite inks.

I’ve done my best to photoshop the individual ink swatches to look true-to-life, but that’s easier said than done, especially with any color that has red in it.

Now, enough chatting, on to the inks.

My “Lucky Catches”

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How many times have you missed out on a limited edition? Or discovered a product you want only to learn that it was introduced — and discontinued — years ago? I’m guessing you can think of at least a few instances of each.

Now, how often has a product you considered a lost cause made it into your collection? I’d bet this time you have less instances. You likely consider those occasions when you managed to snag something you didn’t think you would to be rather lucky. I certainly do, and I want to share a few lucky catches that are part of my collection.

Ink Rainbow

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I’ve got another tag post today, but it actually originates in the fountain pen world this time! Issue 338 of Ink Journal (6/11/23) featured Ginger Peachy Pens‘ YouTube video, A Rainbow of Ink Faves TAG #InkRainbow23.

An ink rainbow seems especially apropos given that it’s pride month. I’m following Sarah’s rule of going with the first ink to come to mind in each color category, but I’m adjusting the color categories somewhat.

I don’t have enough pink inks to need a magenta-specific category, but I do have enough gray inks to warrant their own category. I also have enough blues and purples to add blue-black and blurple.