Fountain Pen Series Wrap-Up

Happy Fountain Pen Friday, everyone. This is it for my fountain pen series. I’ve had loads of fun writing this series, and I learned far more than I expected.

Before I say good-bye to this series for good, I want to wrap up the entire thing in one, easy-to-share page. So, if you know someone who’s curious about fountain pens or wants to learn more about them, share this link: You can get to all three sections’ issues from the links below. Thanks for reading!

Fountain Pen 101: So you're interested in fountain pens?

  • Why Fountain Pens
    Why should you use fountain pens? Check out the benefits and detriments.
  • Anatomy of a Pen
    The basic anatomy of a fountain pen.
  • Where to Start (with Pens)
    The best pens (in my opinion) with which to start your fountain pen journey.
  • Nibs
    An introduction to nibs, including sizes; materials; and flex, fude, and music nibs.
  • Ink
    An overview of ink, including brands and commonly discussed properties.
  • Ink Reservoirs
    An overview of ink reservoirs in pens and my ratings of their capacity and ease of cleaning.
  • Cleaning & Filling
    The joys of pen cleaning!! ← Sarcasm.
  • Paper
    “Good” and “bad” paper and mini reviews of various notebooks I’ve tried.
  • Stores
    The benefits of brick and mortar stores, and a crowd-sourced world map of stores that carry fountain pens.

Fountain Pen 201: You've gone down the rabbit hole, what's next?

  • Pen Shows
    Learn about fountain pen shows and check out the international list of shows I know about.
  • Indie Pen Makers
    Learn about indie pen makers, including a list of indie makers I know about.
  • Nib Customization
    Learn about nib customizations, from the simple to the complex.
  • Inventories
    The benefits of keeping an inventory of your pen and ink collection.
  • Ink Swab Catalog
    “Fan requested” post covering my ink swabbing methods.
  • Community
    The fabulous fountain pen community.
  • Secondhand and Vintage
    Things to know when buying secondhand and vintage pens.
  • Selling Pens
    Things to know when selling pens.

Fountain Pen 301: Joining the maker community

  • DIY Nib Work
    How to get started with DIY nib work.
  • Pen Making
    How to get started with making pen bodies.
  • Pen Cases
    How to get started with making your own pen cases.

Fountain Pen 301: DIY Pen Cases

Happy Fountain Pen Friday, and welcome to the final issue of Fountain Pen 301. There will be a final, summary issue of my series next week. But this week, I’m covering pen cases.

Speaking from experience, it can be tempting to look at Rickshaw Bagworks or Nock Co. and think, “I can do that.” If the thought stems from the idea that you can save money by making it yourself, let me tell you, unless you’re a master sewer, you’re wrong.Between the materials and the time you’ll expend, you’ll end up spending much more in the long run!

However, if you’re interested in the challenge or the process, I’ve got some hints for you.

Continue reading “Fountain Pen 301: DIY Pen Cases”

Fountain Pen 301: Pen Making

Happy Fountain Pen Friday, and welcome to another Fountain Pen 301. This week, I’ll be discussing pen making, both pouring your own resin blanks and turning pens.

Once again, rather than relying on my own (nearly nonexistent) knowledge for this topic, I reached out to some significantly more knowledgeable pen friends for help. Thank you very much to Chet Herbert of Herbert Pen Co. (fabulous man and gorgeous pens!) who was kind enough to take time out of his busy schedule to share some of his expertise. And thank you, also, to Brian Chu of Red Dragon Pen Co. for pointing me in the direction of some fabulous information. Continue reading “Fountain Pen 301: Pen Making”

Fountain Pen 301: DIY Nib Work

Happy Fountain Pen Friday, and welcome to the final set of my fountain pen series. Fountain Pen 301 is very different to its predecessors. 301 will be short, only three entries, and will give you some advice and suggestions on where to start if you want to become part of the maker community.

In this first issue, I’ll be discussing nib work, which seems to be the next step in fountain pen ownership, based on my pen friends, even if you don’t stick with it. There seems to be great interest in the fountain pen community right now in learning nib work, so I’m hoping some of this information will help those of you who want to know more.

Rather than relying on my own (nearly nonexistent) knowledge for this topic, I reached out to some significantly more knowledgeable pen friends for help. Continue reading “Fountain Pen 301: DIY Nib Work”