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My Wedding

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This post is a long time coming, and I don’t really know why I’ve delayed writing it. This won’t be like the in-depth posts you’re used to me writing. Rather, it’s a photo-heavy overview to provide a little glimpse at a very special day in my life.

As you may or may not know, I got married in March. Avid fountain pen enthusiasts that my husband and I are, we decided on a fountain pen themed wedding.

We chose our wedding colors based on our favorite coordinating inks — Diamine Aqua Blue and Organics Studio Jane Austen.

Organics Studio Jane Austen and Diamine Aqua Blue Organics Studio Jane Austen and Diamine Aqua Blue Ink Bottles

Our invitations were pen-related, and, of course, addressed in fountain pen.

Addressing envelopes with a Lamy Safari Dark Lilac Wedding Invitations

Our cake came from the Hollin Hall Pastry Shop, courtesy of their fabulously talented Nadia. It featured a bottle of Diamine ink, a Visconti Homo Sapiens Bronze Age, and ink spills and splatters. For those who are wondering, the top tier was vanilla, for my dad who doesn’t like chocolate cake, and the bottom tier was black & white.

Front view of our wedding cake Side view of our wedding cake Back view of our wedding cake

The favors featured a fountain pen and ink samples of our wedding colors (to be used with the “Take Note” notebook) and three filled chocolates (Thé Grey, More Whisky, and Brandy Cassis) from our favorite chocolate shop, Blüprint Chocolatiers. I’m pleased to announce that we’ve turned at least two of our 19 guests into fountain pen users. Granted, four others already were pen people.

Our wedding favors set out for guests to take

We chose to have a very small, low-key wedding at our house, inviting only family and friends who may as well be family. A friend of ours, who just so happens to be a Buddhist monk, married us, and we got to share in the fun that is having someone who knows you tell stories. Even our thank you gift to him was pen related: a brass Kaweco SketchUp lead holder because it’s heavy-duty.

Our thank you gift to our friend who married us

We chose to do away with nearly all tradition for the ceremony. Jim saw my dress before the wedding. We saw each other on the day of. We ate cake before getting married. It suited us perfectly.

After the wedding, we changed into more comfortable clothing, and everyone who was able to joined us for dinner. We went to a wonderful Ethiopian restaurant we frequent often, Hawwi. The family that runs it is really nice, and the food is delicious.

Overall, our wedding was a fabulous and simple celebration of our love shared with those we love most.

Post wedding photo

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