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ARTUS Four Elements Fire

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Ah, another ARTUS pen. As I said in my 200th Pen post, I wanted my next pen purchase to be something special, and this certainly qualifies. Like its “brother pen,” it’s a magnificent work of art. The layers of paint give the flames a three-dimensional quality that tricks my eyes. Every time I look at it I find something new to look at. Note: You can view the images a little larger — much larger if you’re on mobile — by clicking on them.

ARTUS Four Elements Fire

Enjoy all of the delicious pen porn contained within this post. I take no responsibility for purchases resulting from them.

Let’s start with how it arrived. Like the Water, it came with a lovely hard lacquer box with a soft interior.

The Four Elements Fire in its box.

The Fire looks so good next it the Water. Each one is stunning alone. Together, they’re breathtaking.

The Four Elements Water and Fire together.
My camera didn’t do them justice.

The Cap

The cap has much less pink than the body, which makes it look more golden.

View of the full cap

Like the Water, there is a capital A for ARTUS on the cap vinial. The gradient from gold to dark red is beautifully executed.

Look at the stunning layers of color and the delicate brush strokes. The gold peeking through the red really brings everything to life.

The Section

Like the Water, the Fire has a magnificent section, every bit as beautiful as the rest of the pen. The gradient is perfect, fading from a deep, blood red to a bright orange, with the gold in the background, making the flames pop. The dots of red and orange evoke floating embers.

Showing the section

The Barrel

Before I focus on the barrel, I want to show of the gorgeous gradient at the join between cap and barrel. Isn’t it stunning?

Where cap and barrel join

And here’s the beautiful barrel. I love the shaping at the end, but more on that later. The swirls are fun, and tie the motif in with the Water.

Full Barrel

Look at all those details. The layers of color, the gold peeking through, and the variety of painting styles and brush strokes all come together to keep your eyes dancing over the entirety of the pen.

I adore the shaping near the barrel finial. The 3D structure follows the shape of the flames. Or perhaps I should say that the painted flames perfectly match the shaping. If the flames aren’t dancing enough for you on the rest of the pen, then the shaping at the end will satisfy you. I think the shaping on the Fire is better integrated into the design than the shaping on the Water.

And, of course, the barrel finial features the artist’s signature. I can’t read the Cyrillic alphabet, so I can’t say precisely what it says.

Showing the barrel finial with the artist signature

So, have I inspired pen envy with these fabulous macro shots? I hope so!! Which pen do you prefer, the Fire or the Water? Let me know in the comments.

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