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Delights from my Dislikes

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As promised, I’m back with delights from my disliked pen brands. Once again, this is based on a video from Angelica Nyqvist.

Disclaimer: I’m calling this “dislike[d]” brands, but that’s really for the alliteration. I don’t necessarily dislike the brands, it’s more that their pens don’t tend to work for me.


I’ve had hard starting issues with most of my Montegrappa pens. It’s the reason why I’ve sold the ones that I have. But, my Extra 1930 Shiny Lines/Dove is a true delight. The nib is wet. The material is stunning. The nib and cap band are beautiful. The only thing I would change is the ink capacity, as I keep writing it dry.

Montegrappa Shiny Lines/Dove


I’ve owned two Pineider pens and have sold both because I didn’t like the nibs. For the most part, I find their pens to be overpriced for what they are. But, the Forged Carbon material is glorious. While I wouldn’t want the Mystery Filler version, the Grande Bellezza version is incredibly tempting. It counts as a delight in my book.

pineider la grande bellezza forged carbon
Image from Pen Chalet


Don’t hate me. I can’t use most Franklin-Christoph pens because the threads at the end of the grip section are uncomfortable on my knuckles. But, I’ve come to love the Model 31. I bought the first Franklin-Christoph and Goulet Pen Co. collaboration second-hand, after regretting missing it. Then, I bought the Lyra (3rd collaboration) earlier this year. They’re great. I love the materials, and the pens are well-made. Another set of delights.

Wrap Up

So, what do you think? Do you like these pens, too? Do you have any delightful pens from brands you dislike? Let me know in the comments.

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