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FanFiction Review – Make a Wish

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Make a Wish

by Rorschach’s Blot

Genre: Harry Potter
Word Count: 187,589
My Rating: ★★★

Harry has learned the prophecy and he does not believe that a schoolboy can defeat Voldemort, so he decides that if he is going to die then he is first going to live.


Make a Wish is a fabulous story. I’ve read it 4-5 times now, and never cease to enjoy it. Admittedly, it’s a bit ridiculous, but with reason. It focuses on the wizarding world’s lack of common sense as well as the wider world’s refusal to consider coincidence.
There are plenty of laughs, and I highly recommend it. It’s just a shame that the omakes and sequel aren’t as good. Then again, it would be hard to live up to the brilliance of this one.

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