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Friday Reads: Memnoch the Devil

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Here we are, at the end of the year. Happy December, everyone! It’s the first Friday of the month, and that means Friday Reads! In case you missed it, you can take a look at last month’s Friday Reads on The Other Boleyn Girl.

Unlike most of my other Friday Reads posts, I’ve only read this book once, but it’s stuck with me ever since. Memnoch the Devil by Anne Rice was the first book that made me question what I’d learned in Sunday school. That’s not to say I unquestioningly accepted everything from the Bible. I’ve never really been religious. But I’d also not previously questioned what I’d been taught about God and the devil.

After reading Memnoch the Devil, I wanted to know more about other religions and their takes on various bible characters. For that alone, I’d say this is a book worth reading. After all, anything that makes you want to learn more is worth doing.

Having read it only once, and many years ago now, (I really ought to go back and read it again), I can’t regale you with all of the particulars, or awesome quotes. I wish I could. But I must have read it at least 8 years ago, very possibly more, and yet it still sticks with me as an important read.

Perhaps when I’ve gone back and re-read it — which means going back and re-reading the first four books of the series — I can write an updated entry. I can see if it gets to stay on the pedestal I erected for it, or if my experience since then has rendered it less inspiring.

If you’ve got the time, I highly suggest reading Memnoch the Devil, even if only to give your mind some “what ifs”. And Lestat really is a delightful character — when he’s not complaining about being human like in book four.

So, have you read any of the Vampire Chronicles? Did you like them? Which one was your favorite? Leave me a comment below. I love reading comments when I get them. I hope you enjoy the holiday season. Happy reading!

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