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Loft Pens: Building a Rainbow

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I first saw Loft Pens in May of this year. They posted a neat stacked ombre pen. I instantly knew I wanted one, but I needed to figure out the color scheme.

It didn’t take me too long to decide I wanted a rainbow. But, since I was trying to pay off some pens, I didn’t reach out to them right away. However, didn’t waste any time. They posted the rainbow pen they’d commissioned, and it was very pretty. Unfortunately, my contrary nature meant I no longer wanted one like that because it had already been done. I luv ya, PW, really, I do, and your collection! But I digress. I petulantly removed the rainbow pen from my wishlist and didn’t give it much thought.

My Experience

Until, that is, Loft Pens posted an interesting brown stacked pen in their stories.

A screenshot of Loft Pens' Instagram story showing a brown stacked pen.
Stolen from Loft Pens’ Instagram story

I reached out to see if they could create a rainbow pen in the same style. Imagine my delight when they agreed, seemingly relishing the challenge. I left it up to them whether the pen should be one long rainbow or a repeated rainbow.

I’m happy to say Loft Pens is great at communicating progress, and kept me up-to-date with their progress, sending tantalizing photos that stoked my enthusiasm.

By the time they got to turning, then polishing my pen, I could hardly wait.

Unfortunately, their schedule didn’t allow for us to meet up for lunch while Jim and I were in London, so I had to wait for shipping. That wait was made that much harder by the final pen photos they sent me.

I have to say, though, even those gorgeous pictures don’t do the pen justice. I’ve done my best to capture the subtle shimmer in some of the individual materials. I greatly enjoyed the little crab pen stand sent with the pen. Expect to see it fairly often in pen posts.

Mini “Review”

So, my final verdict? 1000% worth it. The pen is fabulous, beyond my wildest expectations. I’m especially impressed at the care taken to ensure a single, continuous pattern whether capped or open. That’s a significant attention to detail.

As a side note, I commissioned this pen with the pride flag in mind. So, to me, it will always be the “Stacked Pride” pen. I fully intend to get another at some point to represent the Bi and Pan flags, but I’m not sure how I want that stacked pen to look, so it will likely be a while yet.

My photo of the pen held by the crab pen stand.
I leave you with this fabulous image.

So, what do you think of my rainbow pen? Would you consider getting one? Or would you prefer something monochromatic? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. That pen is gorgeous! I’d have to decide between rainbow and maybe some kind of purple lavender scheme, but yeah, so cool!

    December 22, 2021
    • Take a look at their Instagram, they’ve done all kinds of rainbow, multicolor, and monochromatic pens. 😊

      December 22, 2021

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