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Christmas before Halloween

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I’m a little late on this post, but the point still stands. It seems to me as though every year, Christmas shows up earlier in stores.

I was really struck by it this year. I went looking for some orange yearn for a crochet project about 2 weeks before Halloween. (Side note, orange yarn is difficult to find. I could hardly believe I couldn’t find orange right before Halloween.) Already, Michael’s was half Christmas.

Springfield Town Center was completely Christmas-ed out the weekend before Halloween. They at least gave Halloween a nod by draping spiderwebs over everything. It still didn’t make it OK in my book.

Halloween and Xmas

I enjoy Christmas. I have no problem with decorations, celebrations, etc. What I dislike, what annoys me, is how Christmas is encroaching on the other holidays. It’s long since obliterated Thanksgiving, but now it’s taking over Halloween, too. What’s next, literal Christmas in July?

I also often hear and read grumblings that Christmas sales are down during the Christmas season (Black Friday – December 24). Perhaps if Christmas sales and shopping opportunities didn’t start in October – I swear I saw stuff in mid-September this year – sales would improve. Just saying.

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  1. Jan

    Although I think that that Christmas is one of the most important days for me as a Christian and Halloween isn’t so big in Belgium, you still make a point. When I was younger (about 30 years ago) they waited for Christmas decoration till after December 6th (the day we celebrate Sinterklaas (Dutch for Santa Claus)), the start of selling Christmas trees was around December 15th. At that time Christmas was still a holiday we spend together with a traditional family meal. Presents were for December 6th and only for the children and not for Christmas. During the years I saw changes in commerce surrounding Christmas, and we started to adopt the Anglo-American tradition with presents for all under the Christmas tree. As a parent we now must buy double as mush presents (toys for December 6th and useful presents for Christmas). And doesn’t make me happy to see how old traditional celebrating is making place for commerce and economical growth

    November 16, 2018

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