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Review – Undoing

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by L.L. Diamond

Book Cover: Undoing

Genres: Historical British Fiction, Historical Regency Fiction, Historical Romance
Release Date: March 27, 2020
Pages: 439
Purchase from: Amazon
My Rating: ★★★★☆

Seventeen-year-old Elizabeth Bennet had always hoped to marry for love – that is until she surrenders to her mother’s demands and marries the handsome Duke of Leeds. Thrust into a society disinclined to accept a country nobody who somehow entrapped one of their most prominent members, Elizabeth holds her head high, ignoring their whispers and stares and a husband whose indifferent behaviour confuses her. Her marriage of convenience is nothing like what she expected.

Fitzwilliam Darcy is a man torn. After meeting the Duchess of Leeds at a ball, he is fascinated by her intelligence and humour, but how does one maintain a respectable friendship with a lady – particularly when that lady is the wife of his cousin and godfather? His father and his sister both love Elizabeth, and he quickly realises he loves her as well, though not as one loves a cousin or even a sister. His feelings must stay hidden from everyone, particularly Elizabeth, but how is he to keep himself under such strict regulation when he is constantly thrown into her company? How does one prevent their own undoing?

Contains scenes with adult content.


WARNING: You’ll likely want tissues if you read this, as one of the five main characters in the first half of the book dies suddenly, and the author does an excellent job showing the others’ grief.

Undoing, perhaps because I read it so soon after Her Grace, reminded me of that story. Elizabeth marries a Duke for her sisters. Her married life is not what she expects. The Duke chooses her specifically for her impertinent/straightforward manners.

But, that’s where the similarities end. In Undoing, the Duke is not a vile cretin, although he is selfish and uses Elizabeth and Darcy for his own ends.

He effectively tricks them into a sexual relationship so he can have an heir.

For those who are curious, Wickham is a virtual non-entity in Undoing, although there is a delightful scene where his proclivities are revealed to the elder Mr. Darcy.

Then again, Undoing was heavily focused on five main characters for most of the book, expanding to include Jane and the elder Fitzwilliam brother in the final third.

The only thing I actively disliked was Colonel Fitzwilliam’s portrayal. He is an inveterate gambler, womanizer, and likely a rapist. I’m not used to antagonistic Colonel Fitzwilliams, and I don’t care for it. This is especially true since we’re never given a reason for this behavior, nor is it necessary. Wickham could have easily filled that role, and Colonel Fitzwilliam could have been the easygoing character we all know and love. But, since the author chose a different route, I can only be thankful he plays a very small part in the story.

Overall, I like Undoing. I’ve added it to my “Buy after Reading” Amazon list.

About the Author

Amazon best selling author L. L. Diamond is more commonly known as Leslie to her friends, and Mom to her three kids. A native of Louisiana, she has spent the majority of her life living within an hour of New Orleans until she followed her husband to the ends of the earth as a military wife. Louisiana, Mississippi, California, Texas, New Mexico, Nebraska, England, Missouri, and now Maryland have all been called home along the way.

Aside from mother and writer, Leslie considers herself a perpetual student. She has degrees in biology and studio art, but will devour any subject of interest simply for the knowledge. As an artist, her concentration is in graphic design, but watercolor is her medium of choice with one of her watercolors featured on the cover of her second book, A Matter of Chance. She is a member of the Jane Austen Society of North America. She also plays flute and piano, but much like Elizabeth Bennet, she is always in need of practice!

Author links: Website | Facebook | Goodreads | Pinterest | Twitter | Amazon Author Page

NOTE: This review is based on an eBook I borrowed from Amazon as part of the Kindle Unlimited program.

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